"Why isn't Congress immediately convening to remove the leader of a violent insurrectionist movement from the presidency?" he wondered.

Like Arya Stark reading aloud the names on her list, Seth Meyers called out President Donald Trump, Missouri Senator Josh Hawley, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, and "the rest of the sedition caucus" to be removed from office following the Capitol riots in Washington, D.C.

"Why isn't Congress immediately convening to remove the leader of a violent insurrectionist movement from the presidency?" Meyers wondered on a "Closer Look" segment on Late Night Thursday. "He's an urgent national security threat. Thankfully, Democratic leaders and many Republicans have now started to announce their support for Trump's immediate removal from office, but it's not just Trump. Today, he was cheered by the RNC and, even after yesterday's events at the Capitol, the majority of House Republicans and several GOP senators doubled down on their attempt to throw out the results of the presidential election."

Hawley and Cruz were two of the standout Republicans still calling to overturn the results of the election. Not only should they be "expelled from Congress," Meyers said, they should be "shamed and disgraced." So far, the only repercussion for Hawley was that Simon & Schuster canceled the publication of his upcoming book.

"They should be remembered in history forever as seditionists who attempted a coup and, in Cruz's case, he should also be remembered for looking like an alcoholic werewolf who got stuck halfway between transformations," Meyers added.

After Trump, his children, and lawyer Rudy Giuliani riled up crowds of the president's supporters at a rally in D.C. Wednesday — Giuliani called for a "trial by combat" and Trump again refused to concede while spreading lies about the election results — those supporters stormed the Capitol building, taking over the Senate floor and ransacking offices. According to CNN, now five people, including a police officer, have died from injuries sustained during the riots.

Congress reconvened hours later to affirm the electoral college votes and Joe Biden's victory. For his part, Trump, who released tweets and a video supporting the rioters, was banned from Facebook and Instagram "indefinitely," and Twitter for a 12-hour period. He later released a statement and a video announcing he would accept a peaceful transition of power, though continued to spread lies about the election.

"There have been violent insurrections in this country before and, without consequences, it's gonna happen again," Meyers said on Late Night. "That's why the people responsible for this must be held accountable from the top down. They should be removed from the White House and expelled from Congress."

To the politicians claiming the presidential election results were fraudulent, Meyers asked, "How come your election wasn't fraudulent? Why did you take your seat, if the results from your state can't be trusted? It's the same ballot, literally the same piece of paper... It just shows that their arguments are obvious bullshit. It's just a lie to conceal their true aim: overthrowing democracy and installing Trump as a dictator. And there should be immediate consequences for that."

The late-night personality also lambasted those, including on Fox News, for continuing to spread conspiracy theories, specifically the one about those identifying as "antifa" (or anti-fascist) infiltrating the riots in disguise to escalate violence. "Their faces were on camera, you a--holes!" Meyers exclaimed. "Some of them were quoted on the record in newspapers. Also, why are you repeating a rumor and where did you hear the rumor anyway? Did Rudy accidentally leave you a voicemail, too?" (Giuliani attempted to leave a voicemail for Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville to slow down electoral vote certification but accidentally left the message on another senator's mailbox.)

Several politicians in the Trump administration, including Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, have resigned in the wake of the riots with less than two weeks to go until Inauguration Day. "If you're in the administration and you're choosing now to resign with two weeks to go instead of helping to facilitate [Trump's] removal through impeachment or the 25th Amendment, then all you're doing is looking out for yourself," Meyers said.

As a final remark, he noted, "If this isn't a moment that calls for urgent congressional action, then nothing is."

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