By Christian Holub
November 13, 2020 at 11:15 AM EST

Where did the baby go? Was there ever really a baby to begin with? Questions like these hang over the upcoming second season of M. Night Shyamalan's Apple TV+ series Servant, which is set to return in January.

The first season of Servant was already haunting and macabre; in the wake of their infant's death, Philadelphia couple Sean (Toby Kebbell) and Dorothy Turner (Lauren Ambrose) decided to pretend he was still alive. Or rather, Sean and his brother-in-law Julian Pearce (Rupert Grint) decided to convince Dorothy that young Jericho was still alive through use of a realistic doll. They were caught off guard when a real baby materialized in the doll's place shortly after the arrival of new nanny Leanne (Nell Tiger-Free). Over the course of the season, Sean and the others slowly accustomed themselves to their new reality, only for Leanne to disappear in the season finale, taking young Jericho with her and leaving the original doll in his place.

In exclusive season 2 photos below, you can see the characters dealing with this absence. One photo sees Dorothy standing forlorn in the room where Leanne used to sleep, while another sees Sean talking to police — but what do you even tell them in this strange situation? The third new photo involves Sean, Dorothy, and Julian discussing something over wine in front of a laptop — perhaps searching for signs of their missing baby?

Above, watch a teaser for Servant season 2. The first episode premieres Jan. 15 on Apple TV+.

Credit: Jessica Kourkounis/Apple TV +
Credit: Apple TV +
Credit: Jessica Kourkounis/Apple TV +

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