Netflix's real estate reality series premieres Dec. 15.

Netflix is here to sell you more dreams — or at the very least, more highly bingeable reality television.

Premiering Dec. 15, the real estate reality series Selling Tampa is set to take viewers inside the glamorous world of luxury waterfront property on Florida's Suncoast. Produced by Adam DiVello, the mastermind behind Laguna Beach and The Hills, Selling Tampa is a spin-off of the popular docusoap Selling Sunset, which focuses on Hollywood Hills brokerage the Oppenheim Group and all the drama between the brokers that comes along with it.

Selling Tampa
The women of 'Selling Tampa'
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The Floridian version of the show features Allure Realty, an all-Black, all-female real estate firm owned by military vet Sharelle Rosado, who has big plans to grow her brokerage in the booming Tampa real estate market. So what does the new series have to offer? Will there be as much drama as its predecessor boasts? Who are the ladies selling the houses, and how big are the houses they're selling?

Here's everything we know about Selling Tampa, from the smart, empowered women working at Allure to all the grift and the gators in between.

Why does this sound familiar?

Like we said, Selling Tampa is a spin-off of the very successful Selling Sunset, which counts Mindy Kaling and Simu Liu among its celebrity fans. With brokers just as fierce and homes just as fabulous, we imagine the Tampa-based series will be bringing in big name viewers in no time. You also might've seen the trailer:

Who are the ladies?

Okay, this is the most important part. Let's meet the gals who are closing deals in heels.

Sharelle Rosado

Let's start with the "boss-ass bitch that makes s--- happen." The owner of Allure Realty, Sharelle is an army vet with an entrepreneurial spirit who started her brokerage a year ago with the vision of opening an agency staffed entirely by women of color. Sharelle is currently in a long-distance relationship with retired NFL player Chad Ochocinco Johnson, who she met by sliding into his DMs. The couple have been on and off for two years. Sharelle has three kids from a previous relationship. She says she works hard to support their "bougie lifestyles." And from the looks of her Instagram and Netflix's promo pics, she's either currently very pregnant or just recently had a new baby.


A close friend of Sharelle's, Juawana is second in command at Allure… or maybe just likes to think she is? It's unclear. She has been married for five years and has a 22-year-old son who recently had a child of his own, making Juawana a grandma — ahem, we mean "glam-ma." Juawana's known by some of the other agents as "HR" because she's in everyone else's business all the time.


One of the younger agents, Colony has been at Allure since its early days and was in fact the agent to close the first deal under the newly started brokerage. Colony used to teach preschoolers but was unhappy doing so, so when her dad told her to get into real estate since she's from Tampa and knows it so well, she did and never looked back.


Anne-Sophie knew right after college that she wanted to be in the real estate game because "that's where the money is." She likes being her own boss and having unlimited income opportunities, and she's very independent. Being from Haiti, Anne-Sophie speaks French and Haitian Creole. She likes a tall man and is a Libra so has great balance (i.e., she can have fun and make money). She's currently single. Due to their ages, Anne-Sophie and Colony like to think of themselves as the nieces of the brokerage and the other ladies as the aunties.


Tennille, like Sharelle, is in a long-distance relationship. But she's not trying to get engaged anytime soon — unless it's a really grand proposal, then she might consider it.


Rena, a former attorney at a big firm, was the very first agent at Allure. She and Sharelle used to live across the street from one another when the latter was with her ex-husband. Their kids played together, and they even traveled together too. Sharelle was the one who encouraged Rena to get real estate license… which may come back to bite the boss in the butt, since Rena is now considering going out on her own and starting her own brokerage.


A Latina mother with kids who describes herself as the "life of the party," Karla has had a hard time during the coronavirus pandemic, losing half her clients and breaking up with her high school sweetheart. She's been feeling depressed lately but is throwing herself back into work and prioritizing her kids.


From the first episode of Selling Tampa, all we've learned about Alexis is that she doesn't suck men's toes, but we're so ready to discover more about her as the season goes on.

How big are the houses?

BIG. If you've watched Selling Sunset and marveled at the size of the properties, wait until you see what happens when lot sizes aren't constricted by being on the side of a hill. Whether it's waterfront or inland acres, the Tampa Bay houses are sprawling — and hot tubs are a given.

How fierce is the fashion?

So fierce that in the very first episode Juawana has to literally read the dictionary definition of "cocktail attire" to the other agents to make sure they don't show up to a work event overdressed — or underdressed. If you want to make a drinking game out of your viewing experience, take a sip every time you see the Chanel logo.

Who are the buyers?

Since Tampa is home to teams from every major league sport, expect to see some big-name ballers taking viewings — just don't expect this writer, who knows very little about sports, to tell you who's who.

What's the drama-to-real-estate ratio?

Um, we'd say 50:50. The homes are lavish and get plenty of airtime, but there's also divorce, burned-down houses (not the ones they're trying to sell, don't worry), clashes between the brokers, and one agent even looking to strike out on her own, so yep, there are plenty of dramatic moments (both catty and serious) to sink your teeth into. Add a good cocktail or two to the mix, and you've got a recipe for reality TV success.

When can I watch?

All eight episodes of Selling Tampa season 1 drop Dec. 15 on Netflix.

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