Christine Quinn helps a member of the Fab Five find a new home when the Netflix reality series returns for season 3 on Friday.


Dream homes should always include an oasis-like backyard complete with a pool, and ceilings high enough for energetic evening entertainment, right?

Queer Eye's Karamo Brown would say so! In an exclusive clip from the upcoming third season of Selling Sunset on Netflix, the Oppenheim Group's Christine Quinn takes Brown to see a gorgeous, potential new home, but it doesn't quite live up to his high expectations. "Ian [Jordan] and I like to have wild sex and we'd be doing some craziness and I don't want to hit his head every time he's up there," Brown jokes to Quinn, referring to his soon-to-be-husband and the bedroom's low ceiling beams. Too bad because the pool is fab!

Karamo's not the only one with upcoming nuptials. Season 3 sees red-lipped queen Quinn head down a snowy aisle herself when she opts to get married in a gothic winter wonderland-themed ceremony. Elsewhere on the Netflix real estate reality series, tension lingers between the ladies after last season's multiple fallouts. During a Queer Eye-style therapy session, Quinn quite succinctly tells Brown, "these bitches are exhausting me." Working in a group environment himself, Brown can relate to the occasional disagreement, but when it comes to partying, he knows which of the Oppenheim girls he'd been inviting to the pool.

Watch the clip to find out if Brown is Team Christine or Team Chrishell.

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