The ladies of the Oppenheim Group are back to sell mansions and stir up drama.

When TV producer Adam DiVello — the evil genius behind Laguna Beach and The Hills — first spied a magazine ad for L.A.'s Oppenheim Group, he knew he'd found his next addictive reality series: Selling Sunset. The firm boasted a staff of glamazon saleswomen who claimed they were "the No. 1 realtors selling on the Sunset Strip, so I was like, 'Done!'" DiVello tells EW. "Even if the agents weren't interesting enough, we knew we'd have these insanely gorgeous homes to showcase."

Selling Sunset

After two seasons on Netflix, it turns out it's the other way around. Sure, those multimillion-dollar estates are astounding, but it's the cast of alpha females who are the main event, bringing drama bigger than the most cavernous walk-in closet. Between selling mega-manses for the rich, the ladies sip sauvignon blanc, cavort with handsome young French boyfriends, and get into You know what you did! catfights — all while rocking sequined blazers and six-inch heels. "The drama has been surprising," says actress-turned-agent Chrishell Stause (All My Children), who routinely clashes with the scarlet-lipped Christine Quinn.

And it's not over: During season 3, kicking off Aug. 7, Stause discovers her marriage to This Is Us actor Justin Hartley is over. (He filed for divorce in November.) If that's not dishy enough to get you watching, DiVello throws in an astonishing $44 million sale and plenty more real estate porn. Sold?

If you're still not ready to commit, here's everything you need to know about Selling Sunset ahead of season 3.

Who are the ladies?

Stause is our entry point to the series, as she joins the Oppenheim Group's real estate brokerage firm in the first episode. Known for her roles on All My Children and Day of Our Lives (as well as her marriage to now ex-husband Hartely), the actress meets Quinn (kinda cruel icon), Maya Vander (pregnant, spends a lot of time in Miami), Mary Fitzgerald (the just-married Oppenheim bro fave), Heather Young (obsessed with her soon-to-be fiancé), Davina Potratz (loves to meddle), and later Amanza Smith (always-late but got-your-back mom) at the office.

Selling Sunset

What's the beef between the ladies?

The Selling Sunset ladies learn very quickly to be precise with their grievances and remember exactly how they phrased an insult because it will always come back to bite them on this show. When we left things at the end of season 2, there was a bit of a divide between the women of the office because Mary apparently didn't invite some of the gang to her second bachelorette party. After ice queen Christine said former bestie Mary was acting like a "f—ing idiot," Chrishell and Amanza rushed to take Mary's side, while Heather and Davina were more inclined to see Christine's point of view. Maya was somewhere in the middle, but probably Team Christine if she had to choose. Everyone played nice at Mary's wedding in the season finale, but there were rumblings here and there and the issue was far from resolved. We imagine the discord will rear its head of expensive extensions early in the new batch of episodes.

What's the drama-to-real-estate ratio?

It's pretty evenly spilt, so if you do find your interest in who-said-what waning, don't worry — you'll be treated to an infinity pool or walk-in-closet the size of a Brooklyn apartment in no time.

Selling Sunset

Who are the Oppenheim brothers?

The pint-size property brothers are twins Jason and Brett Oppenheim, real estate moguls who sell the s— out of the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles.

How expensive is the real estate in question?

It varies, but most properties come with around a $3-million-plus price tag. Though some are what we imagine rich folks would call "reasonable," a.k.a. around the $10 million mark, one particular monstrosity is on the market for a staggering $75 million. The sales commission for the agent on that one? A casual $1 million. She could almost afford a home of her own!

What's going on with Chrishell's marriage?

It's very much over — something that Chrishell discovers by text from her former hubby. That moment happens off screen, but the aftermath takes center stage for the back half of the season as Chrishell works through her heartbreak while moving out of the couple's home and dealing with some insensitive and intrusive input from her Oppenheim co-workers (cough, Davina, cough).

Selling Sunset
Credit: Netflix

Will there be a wedding this season?

Will there ever! Get ready for Christine's winter wonderland gothic extravaganza, complete with indoor snow and a bride all in black (and one teary-eyed Chrishell).

How many different pairs of heels will feature in the new episodes?

With seven ladies and an average of three outfit changes per episode over eight episodes, we're looking at around 170 pairs of impractical stilettos throughout the season and not one rolled ankle — these gals are pros, after all.

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