Warning: This post contains spoilers about You season 3.

Scott Speedman has done the unthinkable: He survived his time with Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley).

Speedman joined You's third season as Matthew, Joe and Love's (Victoria Pedretti) highly successful (and highly mysterious) neighbor, who finds himself very interested in Joe and Love after his wife goes missing. Long story short, he starts monitoring Joe and Love using surveillance cameras around town, and eventually figures out that Love probably killed his wife.

"I do think he is driven by grief as much as guilt," Scott Speedman tells EW. "He had let the marriage dissolve. And who knows whose fault that was. I think that he obviously loves his wife and loved his wife, but that he let it go drives his guilt a bit."

You season 3
Scott Speedman in 'You.'

Matthew's son eventually figures out the truth too, but in a way that lands him in the hospital after a run-in with Love. Matthew, on the other hand, shows up at Joe and Love's house in the finale to find a paralyzed Joe awaiting his fate. And instead of helping Joe, he leaves him there, seemingly to die by his wife's hand.

"I think he got enough out of that moment," says Speedman of Matthew's need for revenge.

According to Speedman, they shot a couple of different takes for that scene, but regardless, his character got to walk away from it all and reunite with his son.

"Them coming together more at the end is a good thing, and I think that's ultimately his goal," says Speedman.

After all, not many people find out the truth about Joe and Love and live to tell the tale.

"That's good, right?" Speedman says. "That doesn't happen much. We survived, so that's good."

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