Warning: Spoilers for season 6, episode 12 of Schitt's Creek, "The Pitch," are discussed in this article. 

The Roses, it would seem, are finally moving back to New York City. But, wait. Are they really? All signs would suggest it. Johnny (Eugene Levy), Stevie (Emily Hampshire), and Roland (Chris Elliott) made their big business pitch for Rosebud Motels in the Big Apple during the 12th episode of Schitt's Creek's final season. And, although certain douchebag executives who shall not be named but are heretofore known as "douchebag executives" didn't care for the idea, others did and now Rosebud is expanding.

So, where does that leave our characters? On this week's EW On Set podcast, we discuss just that with the cast.

First of all, there's David (Dan Levy) and Patrick (Noah Reid). Patrick was not at all thrilled when David told him the news that, should everything go smoothly with Johnny's meeting, they'd all be packing up and moving to New York. We didn't get to see much of that in the aftermath of the group hug beyond an anxious look from Patrick.

"I think the idea to go to New York, the investment firm is there, and so Johnny's offices would be there. And the idea of returning to New York, I think for David, was like, 'Well yeah, that's sort of what would happen,'" Levy says. "I think it's a pride thing. I think there's a thousand variables that went into that. And then I think deep down he knew that Patrick wouldn't be very thrilled about it, but pressed on, as we all do sometimes, and approached the situation like it was a very exciting thing."

"I think there are those moments in relationships where you want to want what the other person wants, and you try to do that because you can sense that it's the thing that will make them happy, or the thing that they need," Reid explains. "Relationships, of course, are about compromise and figuring out where that line is. I loved playing that conflict because, of course, there's something exciting, potentially, about it. There's always something scary about entering into a new chapter of your life. But you can feel that Patrick just is not excited about that, and feels like he's really come to love the town as his home. That's where their relationship exists, and that's where so many first things have happened for him."

Then there's Alexis (Annie Murphy), who's jonesing to get back to Manhattan. Interflix wants to keep working with her Alexis Rose PR firm, so she's in a great place to get an apartment with David. But what about Patrick? "New York is the best place," Murphy says of Alexis's line of thinking. "They've lived there before. They've had the best time ever. Why would Patrick not want to get out of this town and see the world and, you know, go to a Broadway play for once in his life? Alexis has changed a lot. She's grown a lot, but she's still Alexis. She still has a real colorful, selfish streak to her. So, I don't think the well-being of Patrick ever really crossed her mind because I guess in her mind he would have a great time in New York. Who wouldn't?"

As for Moira (Catherine O'Hara), well, she was already packing her bags even before they all received the good news about the business.

"It's something that probably only could have happened and in our final season," Levy (Eugene, not Dan) said of the New York return. "It's a weird kind of reality that you've created for fives years to suddenly find yourself out of that zone and back into the metropolis of New York City. But it gives you a very strong sense that this is a stepping stone that could get them back to where they were before this all happened finally. I think having that New York setting for this big meeting where they're pitching their big motel expansion idea really helps. Just being there and seeing it gives you the extra impetus that this actually could happen. I wonder if this is going to happen for them. Is it all going to work out for them?" Will it, indeed?

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