After dominating the Emmys comedy categories on Sunday night, Schitt's Creek season 6 gets a Netflix premiere.

One day after Schitt's Creek swept the comedy categories at this weekend's Emmys ceremony, Netflix finally revealed the 2020 fall premiere date for the show's final season on the streaming platform.

Schitt's Creek's sixth and final season will arrive on Netflix in the U.S. and Canada this Oct. 7, which is in line with when season 5 premiered on Netflix last October.

When we say Schitt's Creek won every comedy category announced at the Emmys this past Sunday, we mean every. Single. One. In addition to winning Outstanding Comedy Series, Dan Levy, who stars as David Rose and co-created the show with father Eugene Levy, won separate awards for writing, directing, and Outstanding Supporting Actor.

Eugene and Catherine O'Hara also took home Lead Actor and Lead Actress, respectively, and Annie Murphy won Supporting Actress.

Schitt's Creek premiered initially on CBC in Canada in 2015 before making its debut in the U.S. on Pop TV. But when Netflix picked up the show and began streaming seasons in 2017, the popularity of Schitt's Creek quickly spread. As the cast have said previously, it's now like each season gets two premieres.

Entertainment Weekly chronicled the creation of the final season, which premiered on Pop TV and CBC this past January, through the EW On Set podcast (available now through Apple and Spotify).

Emily Hampshire, Noah Reid, Sarah Levy, Chris Elliott, Jennifer Robertson, Dustin Milligan, and Karen Robinson also feature on the show.

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