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Warning: This article contains spoilers from Schitt's Creek season 6, episode 11, "The Bachelor Party."

As actor Noah Reid puts it, the characters of Schitt's Creek have been essentially "living in an escape room and failing at it for many years." That escape room would be the rural small town Johnny Rose (Eugene Levy) once purchased for his son as a joke, which then became their salvation when the family lost their fortune. But now, in the 11th episode of the show's final season, the Roses find themselves in an actual escape room that proves to be quite stressful for everyone involved.

Well, everyone except Reid's Patrick, who wanted nothing but this kind of puzzle experience for a bachelor party. "I think we also get to see a side of Patrick that we don't normally get to see, which is very competitive, really aggressive," star and co-creator Dan Levy (David) said on EW's On Set podcast next to Reid. "You started screaming at one point."

EW On Set continues to bring listeners behind the making of the final season with interviews direct from set. This week features chats with Levy, Reid, Annie Murphy (Alexis), and Emily Hampshire (Stevie), among others, about the big escape room moment that none of the characters want to do. Alexis, still wallowing in emotional muck about her split from Ted, is jolted by the Galapagos laboratory setting of the game; Johnny is waiting for an important phone call that could change his business; and Moira (Catherine O'Hara) just wants a drink.

Alexis, as it turns out, is the best of them all. "It is always so satisfying when Alexis comes out on top," Murphy says. "If we think about it, she's basically been living an escape room for her entire life. She is the most seasoned escapee because she's escaped from car trunks, from palaces, from regime pirates, from Somali pirates. She's a professional escaper."

"People's characters are revealed in an escape room," Hampshire says. For Stevie, she just wants to be a good maid of honor to David and Patrick, no matter how much it pains her.

Hampshire also shares a story about how she did an escape room with someone who may be well known herself. "She seemed like a real normal, normal, really nice person, and then we get in there and she is a different person," the actress said. "I then you find out that she had done 50 escape rooms that year."

Hear more stories from the set in the player above, or wherever you download and stream your podcasts.

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