Love was in the air at Entertainment Weekly's digital cover photo shoot in January with Dan Levy and Noah Reid. Not necessarily between the two, but between their Schitt's Creek characters, David and Patrick.

In addition to recreating some classic romantic movie moments from Casablanca, Sixteen Candles, and Notting Hill, the stars took a stroll down memory lane to discuss the most romantic moments on the show between David and Patrick, who will eventually marry in the two-part season finale of Schitt's Creek.

For Levy, who co-created Schitt's Creek with father Eugene Levy, David's most romantic moment was his lip-sync performance to Tina Turner's "The Best" in his shop after hours. "Usually it takes some provoking to get him to do things," Levy says in a video interview from EW's photo shoot. "And I feel like the lip-sync was him having made a decision that he was not going to lose Patrick and he will put himself out so far on a limb that it will possibly compromise everything he stands for. And, arguably, it worked."

He also reveals they "got tipsy at lunch" before shooting that scene from season 4 episode "The Olive Branch." "More people should drink at lunch," Reid jokes.

Reid also points to the open mic night episode when Patrick performed his cover of "The Best" for David. "It really turns the corner," he says. "The expectation that you have in that scene versus how it ends up being. The intent is so beautiful and pure but also so pure to David. It's a little bit like a game and a joke."

In less obvious romantic moments, Reid likes the morning after Patrick's proposal when the couple is sipping leftover champagne in bed. "It just feels like they're at home with each other." Levy then discusses his take on why the bedwetting story line is actually quite romantic when you think about it. "For us," Levy explains, "It was like, how do you push the boundaries of intimacy with people? And what is more romantic than someone accepting you for all of your flaws?"

The gents also share some romantic moments from their real lives, and Levy's experience has a lot of David overtones to it.

"I was with my boyfriend at the time and we had come home from a night out and I had been saying that I was hungry and all I wanted was pizza," Levy recalls. "And then we got home and I had passed out and about 35 minutes later he woke me up and there was a delivery pizza just waiting for me. And I remember feeling so seen."

Reid had a more classically romantic memory to share. Watch above.

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