"Rowdy" Spring Breakers in Cancún? David would hate that.

By Nick Romano
April 08, 2020 at 09:56 AM EDT
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Warning: Minor spoilers from the Schitt's Creek series finale are discussed in this article. 

Schitt's Creek's co-creator, Dan Levy, told EW that he likes a series finale that leaves "some things unsaid so that it doesn't feel final." But fans of the Pop TV comedy starring Catherine O'Hara and Eugene Levy want to know more. What are David and Patrick going to do after they wed in the season 6 conclusion? Fortunately, both Levy and actor Noah Reid gave us some clues as they concocted a honeymoon and 25th wedding anniversary storyline for these characters on the spot.

"I would say he'd aim for the Maldives and then end up in Cancún," Levy said, back when EW shot our Schitt's Creek digital covers. "It would be a nice boutique hotel in Cancún, but they would be beside a rowdy hotel filled with people on Spring Break and he would be pissed."

Reid thinks David and Patrick would "probably go over one night," but that'd be about it.

Now, for their 25th anniversary, when the couple would be in the their 50s, Reid thinks that would depend on where they were financially. In season 6, Johnny (Eugene) and Stevie's (Emily Hampshire) business is booming. So, Levy thinks they would have a Rose Apothecary in each of their motel establishments by that point.

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"I see us on the front porch of our home," Levy says. "We'd either have people over or no one would show up because David has turned everybody off, and we'd just be rocking in some chairs, maybe having some skin-contact wine from our store and bickering over something."

Reid believes Patrick would have "grown a beard" and "smoking a pipe."

"That would be a conversation," Levy joked. "I'll let you smoke a pipe on this anniversary as a one-off."

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