Noah Reid has never seen Pretty Woman, but he knows it's about a woman named Randy going to a "children's ball."

By Sydney Bucksbaum
March 31, 2020 at 03:41 PM EDT
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Although Noah Reid has solidified his legacy as one-half of an iconic rom-com couple with Dan Levy on Schitt's Creek, his actual knowledge of rom-coms is a little ... lacking, to say the least.

During EW's Schitt's Creek cover story shoot, Reid revealed that romantic comedy is "a genre that I know very little about," and Levy had fun teasing him about it since the entire cover shoot was recreating three classic movie romance scenes. When that prompted Levy to quiz Reid on the plot of Pretty Woman — yet another rom-com that Reid hasn't seen — the results were hilarious, since it's actually a running joke they often refer to in their live shows, Schitt's Creek: Up Close & Personal.

"Pretty Woman is about a woman," Reid says while Levy prompts him with more questions. "And she is very attractive. And then Richard Gere comes into town... Boy oh boy does he have quite a bit of money."

Reid says that Gere's character's name is also Richard in the movie, the plot revolves around an event that he must attend. "A ball? A gala," Reid adds. "It's a benefit. For charity. For children."

As Levy keeps asking him for more details, Reid goes on to describe how Richard doesn't have a date for "the children's ball."

"So he meets Julia," Reid says.

"Julia Roberts, whose character's name is?" Levy asks.

"Randy," Reid answers.

"Randy," Levy repeats. "Okay, and Randy, what's her job?"

"She is a prostitute," Reid says. Ding ding ding, he got something right!

Watch the video above (shot back in January when, as Reid joked, they were still allowed within six feet of each other) to see Reid describe the ending of the movie before Levy finally tells him the actual plot. "Pretty Woman, everybody," Levy says, while Reid agrees, "Hell of a movie."

Reporting by Shana Naomi Krochmal

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