Warning: This article contains spoilers from Schitt's Creek season 6, episode 9, "Rebound."

Alexis — and Schitt's Creek fans — are still feeling some whiplash from last week's big reveal, that she and Ted will not have their happily ever after. That's why this week, in the ninth episode of the final season, Alexis is throwing herself back into dating and the social scene.

Enter Artie. He's not quite as problematic as a teenage Alexis dating an adult Sean Penn, but he is a grandfather and owner of a mobile home empire. He's Alexis' new man and everyone in her family, especially Johnny (Eugene Levy) is concerned.

"Oh, Artie. Sweet Artie. Sweet Alexis," Annie Murphy says on the EW On Set: Schitt's Creek podcast. "She just needed someone real quick to lessen the blow and the sting [from the breakup], and Artie just happened to be the man for the job, just decked out in all of his scarves and his rings, and I think he was wearing leather wrist cuffs, as well."

EW On Set brings viewers behind the scenes of the making of Schitt's Creek's final season, complete with interviews straight from set. "If you think about it," Murphy adds, "this is probably the first questionable date that [the family has] ever seen her bring home."

According to the actress, all of the past celebrity loves Alexis name-drops throughout the sitcom were a part of her life when Johnny, Moira (Catherine O'Hara), and David (Dan Levy) were all leading separate lives. "The family was so scattered for such a long time that I think… they got spoiled by Ted," Murphy explains. "They got kind of spoiled by Mutt. Let's be honest, they got spoiled by Mutt."

Artie, on the other hand, is the kind of guy who likes to scat. "That scatting line is one of my very favorites of perhaps the whole show, that Artie loves to scat along to whatever he happens to be listening to at the time," she adds. "I think that's a glorious characteristic in a man."

Elsewhere on this week's EW On Set, Noah Reid (playing Patrick) discussing going from what was meant as a one-off character to becoming an integral part of the show. Hosts Shana Krochmal and Patrick Gomez also get into the other big moments from "Rebound," including Moira's tourism video and Jocelyn's new venture at Rose Apothecary.

Listen to the podcast in the player above or wherever you listen to/stream podcasts.

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