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Life is tough for single girls the world over on a regular day, but when a global pandemic takes away her friends and her lovahs, what's left to do?

Bake. Yes, Sarah Jessica Parker confirms her Sex and the City character Carrie Bradshaw would be baking if she was self-isolating. Any fan of the popular series and its two feature films knows that an oven serves only one purpose and that's to store your fancy Manolo Blahniks and Jimmy Choos that don't fit in your tiny closet. But things can change in an instant, and Parker would be curious to see how her famous single girl small-screen persona would do if she lived in New York City circa 2020.

“She would!” Parker exclaimed about whether or not Carrie would be baking banana bread like the rest of us while chatting with EW exclusively. “I would be so curious to see [how she’d handle it]. Having to take a few minutes to figure out who’s going to the grocery store? How are they dealing with masks? Has she seen anybody else? How seriously did they take the quarantine and the lockdown? And I'm sure Big and Carrie took it seriously. But if she was single, how would she have functioned? I’d like to think that she’d handle it well with a good friend and checked in on those she loved. But who knows?!”

Parker is currently promoting her participation in the PSA Inside & Outwards, which explores mental health through the lens of COVID-19 and is directed by Ezra Hurwitz. The veteran actress and fashion icon serves as the narrator of the film, speaking directly to those dealing with the pandemic through a series of interweaving vignettes showing a diverse group of people, who, though alone, are living a shared experience.

Parker explains that although she was fortunate to have her husband Matthew Broderick and their three children by her side throughout the pandemic, she has missed many aspects of her social life.

Sarah Jessica Parker
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"I've missed my friends, being at gatherings, and I miss going to the theatre," she explains. "I miss going to the ballet. We're trying to find ways to be safely distant, socially, so I think that's been helpful. New York state has done so well and New York City has done so well at observing guidelines, wearing masks, and washing our hands. If this is the way we have to function in order to connect again with other human beings, everybody seems to be very willing. If masks are involved in our lives then so be it. I would do anything to be among people again. It's the thing that I loved."

She adds about getting back to work at her popular New York shoe stores SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker, "When the governor opened up phase 3, and I could get back into our stores in NY and work with our customers coming in, I was just so happy. Happy to be with people and to be with my colleagues. The human touch, as we know it, is critical but when it's gone and taken away, that first step back in is just so wonderful. We may not be able to hug or touch customers but it's awfully nice to be among people again."

Watch the PSA in full below:

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