The forensic scientist from Florida was the latest target of the Cookout on the CBS reality series.
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America didn't seem to want to help out Sarah Beth Steagall (no BB bucks for you, hon!). And in the end, her fellow houseguests on Big Brother didn't feel like it, either. The 27-year-old self-described "sweet and quirky" forensic scientist from Florida became the third member of the Big Brother jury. Here, we asked Sarah Beth about her goodbye video, and who she thinks is the real king of the house now.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Your body language was a bit hard to read when you were sitting with Julie Chen Moonves. Were you upset, nervous, or feeling broadsided? 

SARAH BETH STEAGALL: I didn't feel broadsided. I knew it was coming long before I was evicted. My body language was really just the result of me being absolutely devastated that I didn't win, when I really came to play this season. My goal was to be in [one of the] final two chairs. I didn't really care about any other placements. So, I was just having to deal with the fact that I wasn't able to meet that. Cool. 

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Sarah Beth Steagall
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What did you think of Hannah's accusation in the goodbye video that you throw people under the bus when you were backed into a corner? 

I completely understand why she feels that way. Just the way that the game has gone, I do think a narrative has built up around that. That's maybe not completely fair to me because people who are spreading it like Claire and Tiffany do know that I was never that loyal to the Kings, but they're making it seem like I was loyal to the Kings until it wasn't beneficial for me. But there are also actions that I took myself that could lead her to think that as well. So it is what it is. 

In her goodbye message, Azah said she wanted to evict you to fulfill a mission that's close to her heart. What do you think she meant? 

My best guess is that she would like to see this be the first season with a Black winner, because to the best of my knowledge, there's never been a Black winner of Big Brother before. And I think that that would be something important to her.

Who do you think is the strongest player left in the house? 

I think the strongest player right now is probably Xavier. I suspect that Xavier is also a part of the secret alliance that Kyland told me about. But unlike Kyland, I think he has much better connections with everybody in the house. I will be really surprised if he doesn't make it to the end.

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