April 30, 2020 at 08:53 PM EDT

Two families will never be the same after a high school girl's death in Reckoning, a crime drama dropping exclusively on Netflix this Friday.

In EW's exclusive trailer for the series, True Blood's Sam Trammell plays school guidance counselor Leo Doyle, who becomes a person of interest in Gretchen McGrath's death. Officials believe she was murdered by the Russian River Killer, and investigating her case is homicide detective Mike Serrato (Aden Young), who's been hunting the serial killer for 20 years.

The two fathers have struggled for years to do what is best for the people they love and the families they are desperate to protect. But when old obsessions begin to possess them, McGrath's murder sets Mike and Leo on a course of mutual destruction that will alter every aspect of their lives.

Reckoning premieres on Netflix tomorrow.

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