Meet Quahog's new Mayor — Adam West's cousin — and watch a mustache give birth to baby mustaches.

Sam Elliott is headed East to play West.

The Oscar-nominated actor and calming baritone has joined the Family Guy voice cast as the new Mayor of Quahog — named Wild Wild West, cousin of Adam — and you'll see and hear him for the first time on Sunday's episode of veteran Fox comedy. The previous Mayor, Adam West, played by Mayor Adam West in more than 100 episodes, died in 2017. A few episodes featuring West that were recorded before his death aired in 2018, and it wasn't until 2019 that the show acknowledged his death in an episode. The search for a new Mayor led them to The Big Lebowski alum, who ultimately signed on to play a character that shared his soothing cowboy vibes (and unimpeachable mustache).

Wild Wild West enters the picture when the available pool of candidates is less than thrilling and Peter decides to wrangle him to run, calling him "a legendary cowboy and spokesman for everything manly." In this exclusive clip, Peter visits Wild on his ranch to recruit him, only to wind up witness the miracle of mustache birth. ("If you think the birth is beautiful," he tells Peter, "you should see the conception.") You will also see Wild walk through fire, sip jasmine oolong, and speak wistfully of Duluth ("The air moves into your nostrils like a welcome guest"). Although Peter makes a convincing case to recruit Wild as a candidate by insisting that he's "the perfect person to lead us through the last five years of the United States' existence," Wild isn't sold. At least not yet.

Elliott's addition has instilled the show with a renewed energy, so say the producers. "It was a home run," exec producer Richard Appel told EW earlier this year. "From his first line, we knew this was going to be a shot of adrenaline for the show. And everyone felt it — the animators, the writers, the executives who were at the table read. Since then, every [time] that we’re breaking new stories, it’s: 'How could we bring Sam Elliott into this one?' That’s always a hugely great sign that you’ve done a good thing for the show."

Family Guy airs Sundays at 9:30 p.m. on Fox.

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