Kandy picks the best and worst looks from the AS7 ball and reveals what happened backstage before she made up with her season 13 sister at DragCon.

The doors Kandy Muse opened for backpack skirts — like the one she wore during her infamous Untucked clash with Tamisha Iman — can still be felt on the RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 7 runway, and the "Producer" herself has something to say about it.

But before diving into our latest recap of AS7 on EW's BINGE podcast (below), the season 13 runner-up exclusively tells EW how she patched things up with Tamisha at RuPaul's DragCon L.A. last month, following a turbulent period in the costars' relationship throughout most of 2021.

"I wasn't sure how it was going to go between me and Tamisha, because I knew we had to do the queen walk, and we hadn't spoken since the whole blocked-on-Instagram situation," Kandy recalls of lining up to walk the pink carpet atop the main floor at the drag convention. "We were back stage, I looked at her, she looked at me, we just went up to each other, hugged each other and were like, 'Hey girl, how have you been?'"

Tamisha Iman and Kandy Muse
Tamisha Iman and Kandy Muse pose at DragCon in Los Angeles on May 13, 2022.
| Credit: Santiago Felipe/FilmMagic

Kandy says fellow cast member Denali then suggested that she stand with Tamisha as the cast hit the carpet, when she remembers Tamisha asking her if they wanted to "walk together" in front of fans for the first time since they publicly butted heads across social media following their iconic argument on Untucked.

"I was like, 'Yeah, you know what, you go out there first, pause on the carpet, then I'll go out there and we'll hold hands.' It really was a moment," Kandy says. "For the rest of that weekend, I kept popping back up and she kept popping back up at my booth and [we were] having a good time. We're in the works of working out something together for the future.... absolutely, why not, I think people love the dynamic of me and Tamisha for whatever reason, so, let's make it work. Life is too short. It's not personal, it's just drag!"

Turning her attention to All Stars 7, Kandy also says she got a kick out of judge Michelle Visage praising last week's challenge winner Jaida Essence Hall for using bags on her skirt over a year after the season 13 finalist memorably hot-glued a bunch of backpacks to her waist for her ball challenge back in 2021.

"I thought Jaida looked incredible, and when Michelle [asked] who would've thought to put backpacks on a skirt on a ball episode, which is exactly what I did on my ball episode, I was like, hmm, interesting," Kandy says with a laugh, going on to reveal that she had initially begun to construct an entirely different outfit made of plaid acrylic bags, but decided against it at the last minute as she pivoted to the colorful backpack ensemble she created.

She says the look is still in her closet, though the fragile piece is "hanging on by a thread, or by glue," and might only make a comeback if her planned collaboration with Tamisha ever comes to fruition.

Untucked Kandy VH1
Kandy Muse in her Bag Ball Eleganza look during a heated 'Untucked.'
| Credit: VH1

Kandy ultimately feels that the All Stars 7 ball ranks as "cohesively, one of the best balls" in franchise her-story — even with the threat of season 7 winner Violet Chachki booting fan-favorite looks, like she recently did to Raja.

"I think that it's hilarious, I think that people take the opinions of other people way too literal and serious," Kandy says of the drama surrounding Raja getting "booted" on the Fashion Photo RuView recap show Violet hosts with season 13's Gottmik. "To me, a boot from Violet Chachki is just a boot from Violet Chachki. It doesn't change or make anything. Fashion, to me, is art, and art is subjective. Some people thought that my alien look was campy, some people hated the alien look, the beauty is behind the beholder's eye — or whatever the saying is."

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