Friendship goals!

Thandiwe Newton's friendship with RuPaul is the kind we can only dream of having. While visiting Jimmy Kimmel Live — which the drag legend has been guest-hosting for the past week — the longtime pals clued the audience in on some zippy activities they participate in on a pretty frequent basis.

"We're cheating actually, because we're friends," RuPaul admitted when Newton sat down for her late-night interview, to which his friend responded, "I'm trying to figure out how far do we go!" Ultimately deciding to put promotion first, Newton talked about working with Hugh Jackman on her new film Reminiscence — and then the pair got down to real business.

Thandwie Newton and RuPaul
Thandiwe Newton and RuPaul on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'
| Credit: ABC

RuPaul revealed that on Sunday mornings, the two pack their roller skates in Newton's car and drive to a parking structure, throw open the doors, blast some music, and hit the pavement.

"No one's out," said Newton, confirming the fun takes place at 5 or 6 a.m. "We watch the sun come up over where it is — Hollywood or whatever vantage point we have — and it's bliss."

"That's what being creative in this life and navigating this life is all about," RuPaul replied.

Newton isn't new to skating. She went on to explain that she took up the hobby when she was younger and routinely participates in Celebrity Skate Nights, along with actor John C. Reilly. Calling Reilly one of her "bucket list" actors (and the reason for wanting to attend the events in the first place), Newton said that the night she went to skate with Reilly was actually Senior Night.

"But I just thought we'd go slow and it would be fun," the Westworld actress said with a laugh. "And I'd be the fastest — which I was!"

Watch the interview below.

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