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The battle between the Charmed Ones of today and yesteryear continues as Rose McGowan slammed Sarah Jeffery on the heels of the her criticism of McGowan's insults regarding the Charmed reboot of the same name.

"Dear Sarah Jeffery, I honestly had no idea who you were til you tweeted," McGowan said via Instagram story on Thursday. "I have been too busy fighting monsters & fighting for a massive cultural reset to notice who is in the reboot."

Rose McGowan
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Jeffery's criticism on Monday night was tied to a video released by McGowan and Holly Marie Combs, who played sisters Piper Halliwell and Paige Matthews on the original series, saying the reboot sucks. In a tweet, Jeffery said she found it "sad and quite frankly pathetic" seeing "grown women behave this way."

The reboot, which premiered in 2018, tells the story of three Afro-Latina sisters who discover their magical powers after the death of their mother. The roles are played by Jeffery, Melonie Diaz, and Madeleine Mantock, all three of which identify as Black or a person of color.

Jeffery explained why she's personally offended at McGowan and Comb's attempts at "putting down" women of color down, something McGowen denies.

"Absolutely nothing to do with race, that's quite a stretch you took," she added. "I'm beyond glad any WOC has a well-paying job. Hell yes to that. I'm sure you're a great actress."

Further, McGowan addresses what her issues with the reboot actually are.

"My quibble (google it) is about execs & producers & WB network trading on years of my work & name in such a cynical & obvious way—a money grab to cash in on the Charmed name. I do not care that they remade it, I have far bigger things I'm dealing with. I do not nor will I watch a show I disagree with on principle. This is not my ego trashing the reboot, this is a criticism of the creators (those are the ones who should be embarrassed) with little to no imagination making bank off of years of us busting our ass to create a legacy that you are actually profiting off of as well."

Combs also responded to Jeffery's comments on Tuesday, "That's some bulls---. And a lot of it. Clearly. People speaking, excuse me, typing, derogatory accusations of a person's character despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary because of a difference in opinions about a tv show is just plain wrong. And also personal gain honey."

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