The actress marked 'Ahsoka Tano Day' by sharing a video of the lengthy makeup process.
The Mandalorian
Credit: Lucasfilm Ltd.

It takes a lot of work to become a Jedi. Especially one like Ahsoka Tano.

Rosario Dawson, who played the fan-favorite Star Wars character on The Mandalorian season 2, shared a video on Friday to mark "Ahsoka Tano Day" (the anniversary of when the character was first unveiled to Star Wars fans), showing the long makeup process required to transform her into the Jedi.

"Thank you @Ashley_Eckstein for bringing Ahsoka to life for us all," Dawson wrote on Twitter. (Eckstein voiced Ahsoka in the Star Wars animated series The Clone Wars, where she first appeared, and later Star Wars Rebels.) "It's one of the greatest honors & privileges of my life to share this remarkable character w/ the world alongside you."

Dawson also posted a video of the equally involved makeup removal process on Instagram. Acting isn't always glamorous, people.

The actress will reprise the role of Ahsoka in one of several spin-off TV series in the works to expand Disney's Star Wars content universe. Others include The Rangers of the New Republic, the Rogue One prequel series Andor, and Kenobi, with Ewan McGregor reprising his role as Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi.

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