The Oscar winner told Stephen Colbert how the New York governor is "doing what a president should do."

Stephen Colbert is fan-casting a coronavirus pandemic movie, because this will probably be a thing at some point if or when Hollywood gets back on track. His guest thing week on The Late Show, Robert De Niro, would like to play New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The Irishman star couldn't play Dr. Anthony Fauci since that role already belongs to Brad Pitt, as Colbert pointed out. (Not only did Fauci want Pitt to play him, but the Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood Oscar winner already played him on Saturday Night Live.) So, De Niro threw out Cuomo for his favored role.

"He's doing what a president should do," said De Niro as another jab against President Donald Trump. Colbert asked if he could see a President Cuomo one day. "Though I'm for [Joe] Biden and I want everything to go well with Biden," De Niro said, "at least we have a person who is a very capable back-up, if you will. Not Vice President, but if something would change, which God forbid nothing will change, he's doing a great job."

De Niro, 76,  is more than 10 years Cuomo's senior but maybe director Martin Scorsese can figure out some CG de-aging.

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