Get a load of "Mad Mensch."
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What took you so long, Reiner family?

Actor and director Rob Reiner has finally agreed to appear alongside his kids Jake and Romy in a comedy sketch that spoofs the AMC drama Mad Men — and EW has the exclusive first look (above).

The sketch is titled "Mad Mensch" and was co-written by Jake Reiner. It takes place in a contemporary alternate universe where the show Mad Men is entirely Jewish; Jake stars as the "famous" Ashkenazi ad man Don Drapeberg. Here's the official logline: "Born from the idea that Ginger Ale is already the drink of the Jewish people, they just haven't called it out publicly yet, Don uses his Jewish roots to sell the idea to the Schweppes beverage company. Don even ropes his father (Rob), into his pitch to seal the deal. The question remains: will Schweppes buy what Don is selling?"

Last year Reiner and his wife, Michele, relaunched Castle Rock Entertainment, the famed production company that was responsible for The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, City Slickers, and Seinfeld. Reiner's directing credits include The Bucket List, The American President, A Few Good Men, and Stand by Me.

Jake Reiner most recently appeared on Paramount Network's 68 Whiskey. Romy Reiner is a fledging actor and writer. They are the grandchildren of comedy legend Carl Reiner, who died last year at 98.

Rob and Jake Reiner
Jake and Rob Reiner
| Credit: The Reiner Family

"Mad Mensch" is currently streaming on Sunday Morning Digital.

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