By Samantha Highfill
June 02, 2020 at 05:55 PM EDT

Morgan, who plays Toni Topaz,  joined the popular CW drama in its second season before becoming a series regular in season 3. Now, Morgan is drawing attention to the fact that she is the only African American series regular on the show. She also says she's paid the least.

Dean Buscher/The CW

On Sunday, Morgan tweeted, "Tired of how black people are portrayed in Media, tired of us being portrayed as thugs, dangerous, or angry scary people. Tired of us also being used as sidekick non-dimensional characters to our white leads. Or only used in the ads for diversity but not actually in the show." It wasn't immediately clear if Morgan was talking about her own show until she replied to a tweet saying, "I'm the only black series regular but also paid the least."

Also on Sunday, she defended her former costar Ashleigh Murray, who played Josie on Riverdale before moving to Katy Keene, saying, "Maybe the show should write for her like the white characters."

On Tuesday, Morgan added another tweet to her message defending her costars, writing, "My role on Riverdale has nothing to do with my fellow castmates/friends. They don't write the show. So no need to attack them, they don't call the shots & I know they have my back." Morgan's costar Lili Reinhart replied, "We love you, V. And support you 10000%."

Neither The CW nor the WB immediately responded to EW's request for comment.

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