It's baby Rick and baby Morty!


In the multiverse of Rick and Morty, it's quite possible there exists some dimension in which the brilliantly mad scientist and his neurotic grandson go on sci-fi adventures as babies. For April Fools' Day this year, Adult Swim made that alternate reality a reality.

Every year, the network marks April Fools' with some kind of prank. This month, Adult Swim became Adult Swim Junior and revamped an episode of Rick and Morty.

The show created an entirely new opening sequence, featuring the lead characters as lil' tykes who get into all sorts of baby shenanigans. (See the video below.)

Then, they re-dubbed the episode "Total Rickall" from season 2 with kid actors and even changed the name of Mr. Poopy Butthole to Mr. Poopy Butt Butt. The episode premiered at midnight heading into Thursday morning on Adult Swim( Junior)'s YouTube page.

Days earlier, Adult Swim announced Rick and Morty season 5 would premiere June 20.

The news came with a trailer for the upcoming episodes, featuring giant monsters, leather-daddy Rick Sanchez (voiced by co-creator Justin Roiland), "a strange horny ocean man," and a Voltron-esque episode.

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