A major revelation comes to life as the group decides what to do with Silas.
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Two truths and a lie came out of "The Sky Is a Graveyard," the eighth episode of The Walking Dead: World Beyond. The lie was that Silas murdered Tony and Percy because, yeah, I'm siding with Elton in believing him innocent and not giving into Huck's fear-mongering, especially after we see more flashbacks to the day Silas killed his father. What can I say? I'm warming up to this fella. As for the truths, let's unpack those one by one.

Silas is tied up to a swing-set pole outside. He's crying, quivering, staring up at the stars in the night sky. Everyone else is trying to figure out what to do with him. Silas says he doesn't remember what happened when he blacked out. All they know is Tony is dead and there's a trail of blood that stops at the river, which leads Felix to believe Percy couldn't have survived the current with a wound. Silas could have done it, but also maybe (and definitely) not. Hope is quick to call Silas a killer, and Huck fuels that thinking by going into Silas's bag and taking out the tiger poem he kept of Iris, plus some drawings he did of her. Huck offers this theory: maybe Silas killed Percy because he was jealous of the attention he was getting from Iris.

Elton is somehow the only logical thinker of the group. Yes, they've all seen Silas lose it before, but he points out that Silas has only attacked someone in self-defense or in defense of others. That leads us into Silas's flashback, which takes us back to the day he killed his father. Silas's dad used to be a good parent. He has memories of learning to love music by lying on his bedroom rug next to a blaring stereo as his dad talks about AC/DC. But something changed, perhaps his drinking habit. He started beating on both him and his mom. That fateful day, his dad was screaming at Silas for leaving the kitchen a mess. He then attacked his son and began strangling him to teach him a lesson. Silas fought back and beat his dad until his face was unrecognizable. A concerned neighbor came to the door, having heard the commotion through the walls, and offered to get Silas away from his dad, but he was too scared of people finding his dad in his current state so he shooed her away. Silas then finds his dad upstairs. He turned into an empty. Again, he attacks Silas, who locks himself in his room and blasts music to drown out the sounds of the empty banging on his door. When the tape deck runs out, he doesn't hear anything anymore until his mom comes home. Silas rushes downstairs to save her from the empty and cries as he bashes what used to be his dad's head against the ground. It's further evidence, for the viewer at least, that Silas would've had a very good reason to blackout in rage.

Elton is determined to find evidence to prove Silas's innocence, having overheard Felix and Huck debating whether to leave Silas behind. He can't find any. Iris seems to be of a like mind as Elton, but Hope is just repeating the same words she heard from Huck, that they should think about the greater good and proceed to their father. She does save Silas later that night, however. An empty broke through the gate and was crawling towards Silas. He didn't scream for help but struggled in panic and eventually loosed his restraints. But then he remembered the look on his mother's face when he killed his father. She was terrified of him. So, instead he stared up to the stars to await his death. That's when Hope came in to kill the empty. She says she believes Silas killed Tony and Percy, but that too many people have died already.

That night, Elton and Iris can't sleep. Elton believes they all should have a vote in what happens to Silas after this. He wants them to become a united front in Silas's favor and hopes Felix will side with them, even if Hope and Huck don't. Iris goes to Silas the next morning. She wants him to say he didn't kill them, but he genuinely can't. To her surprise, Silas stands up, free of the ropes. He thinks there's something wrong with him. He says he killer who murdered his dad, Tony, and Percy. But, as Silas's self-appointed attorney, I'm going to revise that to stipulate he killed his physically abusive dad in self-defense, and he most certainly didn't kill Tony and Percy, at least not without just cause. Silas makes the decision to leave and walks off alone.

Truth No. 1 that comes out... Elton tells Hope privately that he's leaving the group, too, to go after Silas. He can't live with the thought that Silas will go the rest of his days believing himself to be a monster. He also hopes that maybe he can find his mom and sister one day. That's when Hope comes clean about what really happened. She hands him his mother's necklace and tells the story. Having slipped away on his own, Elton is obviously torn up about the revelation. He clutches his mother's necklace and cries, but then he gains a flash of Silas. Silas, as he said early, is now a part of his new family and he can't leave him behind. So he trudges on.

The second truth has nothing to do with Silas and all to do with Huck. She is a secret CRM agent. Not only that, but she's the daughter of Col. Elizabeth Kublek. Huck, who's real name we know to be Jennifer, slipped away from the group to rendezvous with Col. Kublek for a debrief. This appears to be a flashback to when Huck was "scouting ahead" as Percy first arrived at their campsite. (Kublek hands her daughter her husband's watch, the same one seen on Huck in the previous episode as "bling" she supposedly scavenged.) Huck confirms to Kublek that "the asset" is safe, whatever that is. Presumably, the asset is a person, but for the sake of argument, perhaps it's an item. Maybe it's Elton's mom's manuscript, which contains all of her theories about nature and humanity — which would also make Elton's sudden departure a major complication. Maybe it's something Leo gave to Iris and Hope that may seem like nothing at first glance but could be a key to something. Whatever it may be, this all means the kids are actually falling right into the CRM's hands. That is unless the absence of Silas and Elton forces the group to diverge from their current course.

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