Connie encounters a whole new breed of Walking Dead villain.

As teed up by the end of The Walking Dead season 11's fifth episode, this week's "On the Inside" shows us what happened to Connie after she got trapped with all of Alpha's walkers inside the Whisperers' cave. The short story: she needs a glass of water and maybe a self-help book.

Over the course of the episode, as Kelly rummages through Connie's discarded belongings and notepad, she disguised herself among the herd in the cave for days. "No light. No food. Little water," she wrote on her pad. Shortly after making her way out of the cave, she collapsed in front of Virgil's feet. That's the scene we saw all those episodes ago teasing the character's eventual return in season 11.

Lauren Ridloff as Connie - The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 6
Lauren Ridloff in 'The Walking Dead' season 11
| Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC

She and Virgil traveled together for a short time, bonding over their shared friendship with Michonne. But then, Connie got the strange feeling that they were being watched in the woods while they camped. They planned to head out at first light, but things did not go their way.

They were set upon by these feral Wrong Turn-looking cannibals; humans who are "so far gone," as Virgil described them, that they snarl like animals and chase after their prey on all fours. It wasn't clear at the time, but Connie and Virgil soon learn that this pack had been herding them towards a particular house.

Virgil urges Connie to get some rest, but she's had a bad feeling from the moment they entered. She's soon jolted by the sight of a human eye staring at her from a crack in the wall. Virgil investigates but doesn't find anything, chalking it up to sleep deprivation, but he eats his words when a trap is pulled and a wall juts forward, cutting Connie off from Virgil. That's when the cannibal hiding inside the wall attacks, and Connie races through the house to survive.

She's able to climb through a rafter and escape into the space behind the wall. She spies Virgil, who's having some troubles of his own, through the cannibals' peep hole and is able to help him by banging on the walls as a distraction when he's attacked. The cramped space incites flashes of Connie's time in the cave with the walkers, but Virgil is able to pull her through the wall. They don't have much time to rest, as they hear the sounds of the other cannibals fast approaching. They flee, but one of these feral humans, perched on top of a wardrobe like a possessed Toni Collette in Hereditary, gets the best of them and severely wounds Virgil.

The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 6
A cannibal from 'The Walking Dead' season 11
| Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC

Vastly outnumbered and left with little options, Connie slathers herself with the remnants of a dead walker in the house and then opens the door to let the live walkers from outside feed on these cannibals. As she flees with a limping Virgil on her side, more follow, but they are saved by Kelly, Magna, Carol, and Rosita.

The Alexandrians had plans to scout the area in search of Connie but all their planning went to shit when Kelly got word of Connie's position and went off by herself. She found the remains of Connie and Virgil's campsite, and shortly afterwards, Magna, Carol, and Rosita caught up to her. Love a reunion!

Meanwhile, with the Reapers...

Daryl has some issues pretending to fit in with this crew. To keep up appearances, he's forced to torture Frost, the Alexandrian captured by the Reapers along with Daryl. He chops off one of Frost's fingers and gets him to give up a location of his group's whereabouts. It's not the right location, but Leah says they need to scout the surrounding area.

They end up in the house where the supply cache is. Maggie, Negan, Gabriel, and Elijah are keeping quiet in a hideout hidden beneath a carpet as they listen to Daryl try to convince the Reapers they've left. He continues to spar with Carver, who's convinced Daryl's going to hurt Leah again, having heard her sob story by now. Daryl maintains his cover, at least for the time being, but upon return to the Reaper base, they find Pope has killed Frost, leaving him nothing by a growling walker tied to a tree.

Pope tells them he tortured all the information he needed from Frost before doing so, which might spell bad news for Daryl over here.

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