Carol the baker, Daryl the cop in training, Connie the journalist, and more.

So, the Alexandrians are now settled in the Commonwealth. Well, some of them. As we learn from "New Haunts," the 10th episode of The Walking Dead's final season, many among the group — including Daryl and Carol — accepted Lance Hornsby's offer to integrate into Commonwealth life. Everyone else? Not so much. Why do we have this feeling that Maggie's decision came with a middle finger?

Certain lines, it seems, have been drawn. Maggie, Eugene, Aaron, and Lydia aren't seen among the Commonwealthians in the episode. We're presuming they are sticking back to rebuild Alexandria. Meanwhile, some of the other major players have taken up jobs and are acclimating back to society, which — surprise, surprise — is completely rife in class divides. The zombie age gives new meaning to the phrase "eat the rich."

Daryl suggests to Judith that this new living situation is only temporary until Alexandria is rebuilt, but Judith and lil' Rick's desire to stay and live normal childhoods, plus the flash-forward at the end of last week's episode, suggests maybe they'll be sticking around a little longer. So, here's where everyone has settled in the Commonwealth.

The Walking Dead
Norman Reedus on 'The Walking Dead'
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Daryl and Rosita: These two are basically cops — or rather, cops in training. They live in the low-income apartment housing in the Commonwealth, which is difficult for Daryl with Judith and Rick, as well as Rosita, who trades off with Gabriel to take care of baby Socorro. But, if they rise in the ranks, they get better digs.

Rosita is a better team player than Daryl, so Mercer cozies up to him in the hopes of changing that 'tude. At first, Daryl finds himself on the wrong side of that privileged weakling weasel, otherwise known as Sebastian, son of Pamela Milton, who runs this town. But he later takes Mercer's advice and strokes Sebastian's ego to get a promotion.

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Khary Payton's Ezekiel in 'The Walking Dead' season 11.
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Ezekiel: This guy runs the local petting zoo, and are we really surprised? In his past life prior to the outbreak, Ezekiel was a zookeeper in Washington, D.C., where he met the tiger Shiva. (R.I.P.!) He's now spotted handling cutesy animals for the kids' Halloween celebrations at the Commonwealth.

He, too, is low on the class hierarchy. According to Yumiko's brother Tomi, who's now officially a doctor again (and you know Yumiko had something to do with that), Ezekiel needs surgery. But he's so low on the waitlist that it'll probably be too late for him by the time he moves up. (Can we also just talk for a second about how smokin' hot actor Ian Anthony Dale is? Truly aging like a fine wine, this one is.)

That brings us to...

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Melissa McBride on 'The Walking Dead'
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Carol: When Carol starts making cookies, everyone pays attention. Carol has become a baker — did she take over for Tomi when he became a doctor? — yet she can't help but be herself. After breaking into the hospital to get Ezekiel's records, she knows he's low on the list, so she devises a plan to change that.

Lance needs a fine wine to satisfy the guests at a party for the elites later that night, and the label he brought Pamela's secretary Max isn't cutting it. So, Carol, overhearing all this, slips outside Commonwealth walls undetected, kills some walkers, and acquires the bottles he needs. This is just the first favor she's willing to do for Lance to help Ezekiel, and Lance is just tickled by the prospect of Carol owing him favors.

Lauren Ridloff and Angel Theory on 'The Walking Dead'
Lauren Ridloff and Angel Theory on 'The Walking Dead'
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Connie and Kelly: It's truly a small world, even for the world of The Walking Dead. It turns out that, pre-outbreak, Connie's journalism pursuits exposed a number of corrupt politicians, including Pamela's uncle, who got kicked out of Congress as a result. This should've been the first hint that Pamela herself was shady.

Connie is back working as a reporter at the Commonwealth, while Kelly is her interpreter. Though, she admits the goings-on here aren't as exciting as the work she used to do. Something tells us that's all going to change.

Princess: Princess is heading the local general store where Judith and her new friend pick up some vinyl records. But the real joy comes from seeing her and Mercer start to become a thing. The two characters form a relationship in the Walking Dead comics, and the same is happening on screen. Princess isn't on the list for the fancy one-percenter party that evening, but after flirting with Mercer, she becomes his date.

The Walking Dead
Nadia Hilker's Magna works as a cater waiter in 'The Walking Dead' season 11.
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Magna: Meanwhile, Magna finds herself a cater waiter for the evening's festivities, which creates an awkward situation when she has to serve Yumiko some wine. Then, an even more awkward situation happens to distract from that awkward situation.

Tyler Davis was once a Commonwealth soldier, the one Princess got the drop on when she and her friends were being interviewed for admittance. Because he broke protocol, he has now fallen way down the ranks and is working as a waiter. He was hoping to speak with Pamela at the party to understand why, but of course, Max shut that down. Instead, Tyler made a scene and took Max hostage at knife point.

An uprising is brewing among the Commonwealth's lower class, it appears. After 30 days living amongst them, Magna can understand why. Someone of her status in this community can't even taste mango, something she learned from a fellow server.

Daryl's the one to find and handcuff Tyler after he escapes, but, deciding to play along with the political games, he lets Sebastian be the one to cart him in front of the party and turn him over to Pamela. That's what earns him a promotion.

Later on, Rosita, decked out in full Commonwealth armor, joins a sting operation in Tyler's apartment and finds a secret backroom with eat-the-rich-esque paraphernalia. And now all I want to see is walkers literally eating the rich of the Commonwealth.

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