The premiere of the zombie drama's final season reveals that walkers get sleepy sometimes.

Maggie and Negan are fighting, Negan might be slipping back into old habits, everyone at Alexandria is starving, we are closer to seeing inside the Commonwealth than ever before, this is the beginning of the final season of The Walking Dead, but wait! Walkers can sleep? Like, they go to bed?

It's a question I can't stop asking myself after the season 11 premiere, no matter how stupid and inconsequential it may be. But that's the point of recaps, isn't it? To dissect such matters.

The opening scene shows Alexandria's main crew roping down into an underground military spot where there are bags of army grade MREs (Meals Ready-to-Eat)... and also sleeping walkers. They all have that zombie sleep apnea and are big snorers, but they are indeed sleeping which seems kind of wild. I know, I know. I should tell myself that it's a sci-fi comic-book-based show. Don't read too much into it. But I can't, self!

We've never seen them do that before. If walkers sleep, can they be tired out? Is there a walker somewhere napping in a field because their feet hurt? The group had to grapple down to get to their den, which implies maybe the walkers can't leave this space. Do walkers only sleep if there's no food around them and they're essentially so bored that they have nothing better to do than nap? Would the world be different if the CDC learned walkers could take naps? So many questions! We are far from the days of season 1 when walkers could lift up rocks and use them to break through glass doors, and we're still finding out new things about them.

The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 1
Sleeping walkers on 'The Walking Dead' season 11 premiere
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But I suppose we should turn our attention to more consequential matters. This final season is the beginning of the end for The Walking Dead, after all — not counting Fear the Walking Dead, The Walking Dead: World Beyond, the Carol-Daryl TV spin-off, and the Walking Dead movie (which is still allegedly happening though we haven't heard anything about it).

So, again, the group went to this zombie slumber party because they were desperate for supplies. Even the food they acquired will likely only last Alexandria a week or so. And by the way, the town is still being repaired after Beta's horde. There aren't even walls. Walkers can just stroll in for a snack and a nap if they want to. Maggie, who reunited with more of her people, said they can go and scavenge Meridian.

Meridian was the place she was living before she regrouped with Daryl, Carol, and the rest. She and some others were leading walkers away from their community when the Ravagers attacked and slaughtered nearly everyone. Maggie only knows two things about these enemies: they attack at night, and if you see them, you're already dead. Fun times! But the place has plenty of food and supplies, she says. So they gather a group together, including Negan, because he knows the city well enough, and make for Meridian.

Meanwhile, Eugene, Ezekiel, Yumiko, and Princess are still being interrogated by the Commonwealth for potential entry. They meet the auditors, who ask them crazy personal questions, such as, but not limited to, how many times do you take a dump during the day and what do you use to wipe yourself afterward? It's like they too are writing recaps to dissect the silly, inconsequential questions of the Walking Dead lore. And this is just phase 1 of the evaluations. If they don't pass, they will be submitted for "reprocessing," which we gather is a really bad thing.

The group also meets Mercer, who's the chief enforcer of the Commonwealth and an imposing force. The quartet devises a plan to escape, thanks to more of Princess' ramblings. She's been listening to all the soldiers and figured out two of them are boning. So, they jump them when they leave their posts for sexy time, and steal their armor. They are about to flee the train yard encampment when they find a corkboard filled with photos of people designated for expedited evaluations and admittance. Princess finds a Post-it note written by Yumiko's sister. So, the gang is staying it looks like.

The Walking Dead
Josh McDermitt and Michael James Shaw on 'The Walking Dead'
| Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC

Team Meridian isn't having much luck on their end. Everyone's being a dick to Negan. Understandably so, but at some point when you're on a mission that could get you all killed, you kind of all have to be on the same page. With the torrential rain, they take shelter in the subway system. Negan helps them navigate so they can walk along the train tracks to get where they need to be, but he's frustrated with the Maggie dictatorship. She accuses her of wanting to kill him on this seeming suicide mission. It doesn't help that he mentions Glen, which gets him a punch in the face from Daryl, and it doesn't help that Maggie pulls a gun on him.

But Negan may have somewhat of a point. He also claims Maggie doesn't seem to care about the lives of her group. She has blinders on. When they reach a pile of dead bodies in body bags, one of them, a hefty sucker, gets free and nearly kills one of them before Negan steps in for the rescue. Negan's protests strike a chord with some of the group, including the guy he saved. A few of them quietly retreat home without the rest noticing, and they do so with their rations and ammo supplies. That's bad news because soon a herd starts shambling towards them in the tunnel.

They make their way to a crashed subway car and start climbing on top of it. Dog, however, runs off underneath the train, so Daryl breaks off to retrieve him. Maggie is the last one to climb up the train and she's having some trouble reaching the top; walkers keep grabbing at her legs. She's dangling there when Negan, looking like Scar to Maggie's Mufasa, stands over her, pondering whether to save her or let her fall back down to the herd of walkers. He chooses the latter and walks off. And, yes, Maggie's hand slips and she falls.

I don't think this is a spoiler to say Maggie survives. If you watch any of the trailers for season 11, you'll notice scenes featuring Maggie that haven't come to pass yet. Who knows? Maybe the walkers get tired and take naps, and that's how she escapes.

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