One team is left with only one artist left standing after the Top 13 becomes the Top 10.
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Tonight is the night on The Voice when 13 become 10.

Doesn't have the same ring as the Spice Girls song, does it? Nevertheless, it's true! The Top 13 each performed a song that "changed their lives" last night but there's only space for 10 of those artists to move forward in the competition. There's no Coach's Save this week — in fact, we're done with ranking votes based on teams, it's a free for all! — but there is an Instant Save. So, after the nine artists with the highest audience votes are revealed, the remaining four will battle it out for the last spot. Tonight also marks are first team performances, which is always a highlight. Team Blake takes on Allen Toussaint's "Southern Lights" and it's very jaunty! Team Camila also gets to step on stage: They do a great really modern-sounding cover of "Happy Together" by The Turtles that lets each team member shine a little. It's fun! But we have some business, too! First, let's take a look at the nine artists who win the audience vote and then we'll get into the Instant Save round. 

The audience vote saves…

Justin Aaron (Team Gwen)! 

Bryce Leatherwood (Team Blake)!

Omar Jose Cardona (Team Legend)!

bodie (Team Blake)!

Morgan Myles (Team Camila)!

Rowan Grace (Team Blake)!

Kim Cruse (Team Legend)!

Brayden Lape (Team Blake)!

Parijita Bastola (Team Legend)!

The Voice -- “Live Top 13 Eliminations” Episode 2217B -- Pictured: (l-r) Bodie, Bryce Leatherwood, Rowan Grace, Brayden Lapen, Morgan Myles, Devix, Eric Who, Alyssa Witrado, Justin Aaron, Kique, Kim Cruse, Omar Jose Cardona, Parijita Bastola -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)
Credit: Trae Patton/NBC


Team Camila: Eric Who, "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus

An interesting choice for this moment! Eric Who has done much better when he's commanding the stage with a high energy performance, but like last night, this song is much more understated and focused on his vocals — plus it's a big Miley Cyrus song and those are tough! It gets the best of him. But the coaches all applaud his great personality and the joy he brings to the stage. "I felt your heart," his coach Camila Cabello tells him. 

Team Gwen: Alyssa Witrado, "Ocean Eyes" by Billie Eilish

This is a much better song choice for Alyssa than her Selena ballad last night — she gets to lean into her quirkiness a little more. Still, she has a lot of technical vocal issues throughout the performance and it's not the most memorable song or performance. Gwen wishes they had more time to work on a few things because she loves Alyssa's voice. She thought the performance was "beautiful." And hey, apparently Carson Daly's daughter London is a huge Alyssa Witrado fan!

Team Camila: Devix, "When You Were Young" by The Killers

Devix! He's really the only contestant in the rock lane this season and his performances always feel like a breath of fresh air! Even in this pressure cooker situation, his vocals are top-notch and he sounds like he could be on the radio tomorrow. He gets the full coach standing ovation and his coach stumps for him: "American, you can redeem yourself right now!" She tells Devix — and the voting public, probably — that he has "one of the best voices on this entire season.

Team Gwen: Kique, "Earned It" by The Weeknd

Kique had an off night last night, so I'm not surprised to see him here. I am surprised to see him take on this song — you'd think he'd go for a high energy crowd pleaser, but it's obvious he picked this song to show off some vocal skills. That's a lot of runs, babe! Kique earns another four coach standing o. Like Camila, coach Gwen is in disbelief that Kique's even here. He's "an unbelievably unique person" with a talent that Gwen calls "incredible."  Well, after those four performances, it's time to figure out who will be rounding out the Top 10 and which team will go into the rest of the competition with, sort of unbelievably, just one artist standing. I mean, all you need is one, but still! After the Instant Save vote, the artist moving forward to the Top 10 is…Kique!

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