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Fan Week on The Voice continues, but this time around it's less making song selections and more deciding the fate of the remaining 11 artists. No biggie. Tonight, the Top 11 will become a Top 10. First, we'll learn the nine artists who earned the most votes after last night's performances (remember, it doesn't matter which team you're on, it's just about votes), and then the bottom two will duke it out for the final spot in the Instant Save Round. Before we get to who won the vote, we get two team performances. 

First up, Team Ariana sets a comfy, cozy campfire vibe as Ariana Grande, Holly Forbes, and Jim and Sasha Allen sing Rihanna, Ye (formerly Kanye West), and Paul McCartney's collaboration "FourFiveSeconds." It's a weird song choice all around, but okay! Team Blake also takes the stage this evening: Blake Shelton, Wendy Moten, Paris Winningham, and Lana Scott come together to take on "I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)." After the performance, as everyone is clearing off, Wendy Moten seems to trip over one of the speakers and takes a pretty big fall on stage, and she gets walked off. Thankfully, later, Carson Daly brings her up to check in on how she's doing, and she tells us she's "a little bruised [...] but still ready to go." Such drama tonight! And that includes learning which artists will be part of the Top 10. First up, here are the nine artists saved by America's Vote:

Joshua Vacanti!

Hailey Mia!

Paris Winningham!

Holly Forbes!

Wendy Moten!

Girl Named Tom!

Lana Scott!

Jeremy Rosado!

Jershika Maple!

Instant Save Round

Team Kelly: Gymani, "Tell Me Something Good" by Rufus and Chaka Khan

Okay, I hate seeing Gymani sing for her life again but dang, she is so good at singing for her life, isn't she? Once again, she picks a great song for this moment and absolutely nails it. The power, the rasp, the vibe — it's all there. Even with that little flub in the beginning, she course corrects and works the rest of the song like a pro. John Legend calls her "unstoppable," and Kelly Clarkson isn't worried one bit about Gymani, who is not just "a vocal beast" but a real entertainer.

Team Ariana: Jim and Sasha Allen, "I Won't Give Up" by Jason Mraz

It's certainly nice to see these two take on a more modern song, and there are some sweet father-son moments (and Sasha calling out for trans rights at the end is a highlight), but the vocals just aren't there at all in this performance. Blake still thinks Jim and Sasha have shown the most growth in this competition, calling them an "incredible" duo. Coach Ariana, in tears, by the way, is just shocked to see such "brilliant musicians" in this spot.

And in the end, the Instant Save goes to... Jim and Sasha Allen, who become the final act in season 21's Top 10!

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