Last night on The Voice, season 21's Top 13 sang for their lives (or a spot in the Top 11) while also dedicating their performances to important people in their lives. Tonight, we'll learn who resonated with the audience enough to move forward in the competition and which three artists landed at the bottom of those vote tallies. Then, those three artists will get one more shot to move forward in the Instant Save Round, where one will take the final Top 11 spot. Exciting, no? 

To soften the blow a little bit, we do get two team performances tonight. First up, Shadale, Joshua Vacanti, and Jershika Maple join their coach John Legend for Stevie Wonder's "Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing" and remind us that his team is stacked with power vocalists. I mean, Jershika and Shadale's back and forth ad-libs? Yes please and thank you. Team Kelly's crew — Girl Named Tom, Gymani, Hailey Mia, and Jeremy Rosado — take on John Legend's "U Move, I Move" along with Miss Clarkson herself. It's full of some great moments (Jeremy Rosado and Gymani sound so nice together), but let's be real, the standout is Kelly Clarkson and the freaking high note. Now, to the business of the evening.

The artists moving into the Top 11 are:

Girl Named Tom!

Jershika Maple!

Holly Forbes!

Wendy Moten!

Hailey Mia!

Joshua Vacanti!

Jim and Sasha Allen!

Paris Winningham!

Jeremy Rosado!

Lana Scott!

Instant Save Round

Team Legend: Shadale, "Breathe" by Faith Hill

It's a shame that Shadale's performance of "Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing" doesn't count here because that was excellent. This big country ballad gets off to a rough start but she does pull out some crazy power, runs, and a cool switch to her head voice toward the end that reminds us why she's been such a great addition to Team Legend this season. John loves that Shadale continues to show different shades of her voice through various genres and applauds her "finesse" and her prowess as a performer.

Team Kelly: Gymani, "Sweet Love" by Anita Baker

All three artists in this Instant Save Round were their coaches' saves last week, so I guess it's not entirely surprising to see someone like Gymani here, but it is a shame and this performance only gives evidence to that. She sings with such confidence and control and that rasp in her voice sounds so good here. Carson Daly says it's "like we're at the Gymani show" and Coach Kelly is floored to even find Gymani in this position. She's on her feet, pumped by her artist's performance.

Team Ariana: Ryleigh Plank, "Dangerous Woman" by Ariana Grande

If you're going to rely on Ariana Grande fans to save you in the Instant Save, you might as well sing an Ariana Grande song, right? This song allows Ryleigh Plank to remind people of her darker, edgier side and the power in her voice, but it isn't her best technical vocal. Coach Ariana calls her versatile singer "an extraordinary being" who is a "brilliant vocalist" with "a heart of gold." 

After the Instant Save voting has concluded, we learn that the final spot in the Top 11 belongs to Team Kelly's Gymani! 

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