The four teams are finalized as the Blind Auditions come to a close.

By Maggie Fremont
March 16, 2020 at 11:02 PM EDT
Mitchell Haddad/NBC

And just like that, we’ve reached the final night of The Voice Blind Auditions. Can you even believe it? As a little present, we get that full performance of “Jealous” I was raving about when the season started and you guys, it still fuels my soul. These four sound so great together on this song, can we just start every episode with a coaches performance? The world is on fire and we need it.

We also need to fill up all four of these teams, so let’s get into who claims the final spots on Team Kelly, Team Legend, Team Blake, and Team Nick: 

Micah Iverson, 25, Atlanta, Ga. // “All I Want”

Could Micah Iverson be The Guy for Kelly Clarkson? She has two spots left and her eight artists thus far are all female vocalists — but dang she turns her chair fast for Micah and his cool, indie-pop vibe. He sounds great on this Kodaline song: He has a nice tone and a great, well-controlled range. What more could you want? First though, Kelly will have to fight both Nick — who really latches on to Micah’s love of angsty pop-rock — and Blake Shelton, who has no idea who any of Micah’s favorite bands are (Dashboard Confessional, Jimmy Eat World, Switchfoot, none of these ring a bell with our cowboy), but has won this show with artists of all genres. Even John Legend regrets not turning for Micah and his “ethereal tone.” The Voice stage is his oyster, really.

Coach: Aside from angsty indie pop, Micah is also a big Kelly Clarkson fan, so this cute kid with a voice — a deadly combo — is the first guy to join Team Kelly.

Brittney Allen, 28, Columbus, Ga. // “Dancing on My Own”

Brittney has music in her blood — her father taught her everything she knows — but after her mother died of pancreatic cancer, Brittney gave up singing for a year. She’s back and trying to take a big step in her career with The Voice. Her song choice is perfect, and it doesn’t take long for John to turn around. Kelly only has one spot left on her team, otherwise, this would’ve been a real head-to-head fight. John loves how well she can control the lower end of her voice and applauds Brittney for her arrangement because it allowed us to hear the many "contours of [her] voice,” a phrase Nick Jonas immediately writes in his notebook to use for later. Aw, we’re all learning.

Coach: Brittney automatically joins Team Legend, and there is nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong at all.

Tracey Preston, 35, Philadelphia, Pa. // “Rock Steady”

Oh, Tracey, our first “late in the round” missed opportunity. Tracey hails from Philly, and music saved her from a childhood surrounded by violence. She shows up on The Voice stage and is nothing but A True Party. There’s one run in her Aretha Franklin jam where she gets so low, it’s incredible. Alas, the coaches are being stingy and all four of them are waiting for someone to truly blow them away. This is the biggest of bummers.

Coach: n/a

Cam Spinks, 29, Alabaster, Ala. // “Wave on Wave”

Cam shows up in a big ol’ belt buckle and copious amounts of him fishing. The guy is country through and through and it seems inevitable that he’ll land on Team Blake. Cam has a well-groomed beard and photos of him feeding a deer, so I mean, who really cares what team he lands on as long as he sticks around. His voice is very commercial country, but, as Blake points out, he’s able to get raspy and toss in a growl when he wants to. Kelly doesn’t let Blake just take Cam outright because the woman loves to be disappointed, apparently. It’s surprising she doesn’t mention that she won with a male country artist just last season, but it probably wouldn’t have mattered — Cam wastes no time picking his coach.

Coach: As if it would’ve went any other way, Cam is on Team Blake.

Anders Drerup, Ottawa, Canada // “Can’t Help Falling in Love”

“Gwen Stefani’s not on this season, so you’re stuck with Nick,” says Blake Shelton after Anders one-chair turn. He’s not wrong: Gwen would totally love Anders reggae/ska arrangement of this song, paired with his folk-vibe style. On top of his cool arrangement, he hints at having a huge range and seems like the type of artist who could be a big surprise depending on song choice in later rounds. Song choice is exactly what has Nick so excited: He knows they could pull from anywhere and have some fun. Whatever makes Nick Jonas happy, guys.

Coach: Team Nick welcomes Anders with open arms!

Mandi Castillo, 23, San Antonio, Tex. // "Así Fue"

Just before Mandi comes out, Kelly is practicing her Spanish. It’s kismet! Even Mandi knows that Kelly lives for bilingual singers. More than being bilingual, um, Mandi slaughters this audition. Her song starts out slow and subtle and she saves the big, homerun notes for the end. As Nick points out, Mandi is very much in her own lane on this show, so it’s no surprise that she ends up being a four-chair turn. Mandi is influenced by both Kelly Clarkson and John Legend, so I can’t see her wavering from one of those two, especially because she wants to pursue R&B music, but Nick Jonas gives an impassioned speech about “representing” in music and he...makes himself cry.

Coach: Mandi is only a little bit moved because in the end, she joins Team Legend

Kailey Abel, 19, Verdigris, Okla. // “Forever Young”

I don’t know what kind of voice I was expecting Kailey Abel (Okie and worship leader) to have, but it was not the one that came out. After Kailey’s performance, Kelly asks her if she smokes because she is ALL rasp. She has grit and a growl but also hits huge notes and big runs — she could honestly be in any genre she wanted to. Surprisingly, Kailey only gets one chair to turn around, and that belongs to Blake Shelton. Honestly, this is a nice fit: She’d sound great on some country tunes. Blake is beside himself with excitement that he doesn’t have to fight anyone for Kailey. He thinks she is an artist who could go all the way.

Coach: With Kailey Abel, Team Blake is now full!

Tyrone “Mr. Superfantastic” Perkins, 68, Playa Del Ray, Calif. // “Stormy Monday”

Even when artists who sing old standards land on a team on The Voice, they rarely go very far. The genre doesn't always translate with this specific competition (for shame!), so the judges seem wary of taking anyone like that on. It’s a shame because had Tyrone, a true entertainer, made it on the show, he would’ve been the oldest contestant in The Voice history. But the coaches want to be emotionally connected, especially since they’re down to the last few spots, and that doesn’t happen for them here.

Coach: n/a

Gigi Hess, 22, Lovington, N.M // “Lovesong”

Gigi Hess dealt with some extreme bullying as a teenager, and now she’s here to show all those people up. Actually, she seems too nice for that, but hopefully, some of those kids are watching and think about their words and actions! Gigi has a powerful voice. Her audition definitely earns some points for the moodiness of it all, but it is pretty much all runs and riffs the entire time. One of those runs is so complex it makes Kelly turn her chair, but it seems like the busyness of it all was a turn off to others. It doesn’t much matter because Kelly Clarkson is the perfect coach for Gigi — she’ll work out all the kinks.

Coach: Gigi Hess takes Team Kelly’s final spot!

Kevin Farris, 33, Arlington Heights, Ill. // “Home”

STOP IT WITH THIS MR. KEVIN PRE-SCHOOL MUSIC TEACHER STUFF. It is too much! My heart can’t take the cuteness. Maybe it’s the fedora, but Kevin has a very Jason Mraz feel to him, and he could easily swing from pop-rock to indie, depending on what he’s looking to do. The only coaches lefts are John and Nick, and both are impressed with the clarity of Kevin’s voice, his power, and the enthusiasm that radiates from him. Nick, however, hops up on stage to sing a little JoBro “Lovebug” with Kevin, and how can you deny a coach after that? Serious question: How many Jonas Brothers are there now?

Coach: Team Nick is full!

Allison Grace, 25, Fort Smith, Ark. // “Don’t Know Why”

Allison definitely seems like an artist who would easily get scooped up in earlier rounds. She has a tone that is perfect for this Norah Jones song. Maybe too perfect? It’s hard not to compare her version to the original. John is the last coach standing, and he tells Allison that he thought it was a little “too delicate” throughout the entire thing, he was waiting to hear some more power behind her voice and it never came.

Coach: n/a

Cedrice, 28, San Diego, Calif. // “Fever”

The final contestant on The Voice is Cedrice: This gorgeous, tall, bald beauty who doesn’t just sing “Fever” but SANGS “Fever.” It doesn’t take long for John to turn — “I’m so glad I waited for you,” he tells her because he is an angel — but the best part is that the other judges cannot wait to get a look at her, and they all stand up in their chairs so they can peek over and watch Cedrice do her thing. Kelly Clarkson calls her a “goddess,” Nick calls her “electrifying,” and Blake tells her “it was meant to be” that John had one spot left on his team for her. John loves how she “approached the song with so much artistry” and tells her there is no one else on this show like her. This partnership is going to be fun to watch.

Coach: Cedrice heads to Team Legend and the Blinds are officially over.


Team Blake: Todd Tilghman, Todd Michael Hall, Levi Watkins, Toneisha Harris, Joei Fulco, Jamal Corrie, Jon Mullins, Jacob Daniel Murphy, Cam Spinks, Kailey Abel

Team Legend: Nelson Cade III, Darious Lyles, Zach Day, Cammwess, Thunderstorm Artis, Zan Fiskum, Mike Jerel, Brittney Allen, Mandi Castillo, Cedrice

Team Nick: Tate Brusa, Joanna Serenko, Arei Moon, Allegra Miles, Samuel Wilco, Jacob Miller, Roderick Chambers, Michael Williams, Anders Drerup, Kevin Farris

Team Kelly: Tayler Green, Megan Danielle, Chelle, Sara Collins, Samantha Howell, Anaya Cheyenne, Mandi Thomas, Jules, Micah Iverson, Gigi Hess

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