Also, feast upon Blake Shelton's TikTok skills.

It seems impossible, but tonight's the night when the five artists who will be competing in next week's finale of The Voice will be revealed. For the first time, the highest vote-getter on each team will automatically earn a spot in the finals, so all teams will definitely be represented. Then, the remaining five contestants will each vie for the fifth and final spot by way of the Wildcard Instant Save. But most importantly, tonight is the night we all learned that not only is Joe Jonas Blake Shelton's favorite Jonas Brother, but Blake Shelton is actually Joe's favorite Voice Coach. Nick Jonas seems very okay with it. But that could just be a side effect of all the lattes he's drinking as he perfects his latte art skills (it's a whole thing, but Priyanka Chopra is there, so that's cool). Elsewhere, Blake is working on his TikTok skills, Kelly Clarkson is attempting and failing to release her inner cowgirl, and John Legend is just trying to get work done with his two adorable kids around. We're all doing our best!

The Voice
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But this results show is only an hour and we have no more time for coach tomfoolery. Carson Daly gets immediately into results by announcing the highest vote-getter on each of our four teams. The first four finalists of season 18 are:

Team Kelly: Micah Iverson!

Team Nick: Thunderstorm Artis!

Team Legend: CammWess!

Team Blake: Todd Tilghman!

That's a lot of dudes, Voice voters! That means it's Ladies Night over in the Wildcard Instant Save Round. Let's see what each remaining artist does to show us that they deserve that final spot.


Team Kelly: Megan Danielle // "Simple Man" by Lynyrd Skynyrd

It's smart for Megan to stay in the country lane, and this song is a great choice because not only does it show off the texture in her voice, but the song also goes on a journey. It builds up to give Megan a chance to show the power in her voice. Kelly calls her artist "so rock-n-roll" and can't say enough about that rasp in her voice. "Your believability is off the charts," she tells Megan.

Team Nick: Allegra Miles // "In My Blood" by Shawn Mendes

Come on, Allegra's tone is just so, so cool. She instantly makes any song she does her own. Also, those cool runs she adds to the arrangement don't hurt either. Any other season, I think Allegra would've had an easier shot at the finals. Coach Nick tells his artist that in each step in this competition, Allegra has gotten "better and better." He's a proud coach and is blown away by how much heart she put into this performance. She left it all out there.

Team Legend: Zan Fiskum // "Always Remember Us This Way" by Lady Gaga

Zan Fiskum doing Lady Gaga? Yes, please. If she relied a lot on her head voice last night, this song is all about the power in the chest voice. John tells Zan that her "musicianship, her range, her willingness to take risks" have all made her stand out above the rest in his eyes. He thinks this song choice was the perfect "closing statement" for Zan to show why she deserves to move forward.

Team Blake: Joanna Serenko // "Unaware" by Allen Stone

Dang, everyone's picking great songs for their last chance at Voice glory. Like the artists before her, this Allen Stone song is dynamic and allows Joanna to show off all of her tricks. Blake is happy that this song allowed Joanna to show everyone more of what she can do and that she took "us to the next level." It's still not as emotionally connected as some of the other artists' performances, but Joanna's had to battle her way to make it this far and she should never be counted out.

Team Blake: Toneisha Harris // "Lovin' You" by Minnie Riperton

THAT HIGH NOTE, EVERYBODY. I mean! As soon as Toneisha started this song, you know you were waiting to hear it. Toneisha's range is just insane. Insane! And that range paired with her technical prowess is really unmatched. Blake didn't even know her range went that high and reiterates that this season just "isn't long enough" for an artist to fully show us everything they can do. It's a weird time! Still, in such a short time, Toneisha has shown us a lot — tonight is just one example.

After the Wildcard Instant Save, the final artist going through to the finale is Toneisha Harris!  Okay, folks, that's our final five. Who do we think is winning this thing?

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