Gizelle is coming for Wendy, but the argument has no substance, only shade.

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Recently, Dr. Wendy — possessor of four degrees, lover of candles, professor at an elite university, and commentator of… commentary — partook in the grand tradition of centuries' worth of women who were going through it: she got bangs. Except, in this case, she did the grown woman version of getting bangs: she got new boobs. Wendy was open about it, mostly honest, and gave everyone titty cupcakes to celebrate. But it just isn't enough for the Green-Eyed Bandits. They want Wendy to bare her soul to them in front of the group, even when they've given her very little indication that they would protect it.

Because when your girlfriend unexpectedly gets a brand new set of bangs, you should check in on her; there might be something going on that pushed her toward making such a drastic change so quickly. And it's fairly obvious something is going on with Wendy, whether it's a big thing like trouble in her marriage or a smaller thing like watching back her freshman season and wanting to make a few character tweaks in addition to the physical tweaks. But constantly noting how much of her body you've seen in the last month, and telling her that she no longer seems to have any substance, simply doesn't seem like the best way to get Wendy to open up.

But Gizelle is always going to Gizelle, and that means assuring us that she's not being judgmental while also scrunching her nose up at having to see someone's cleavage. And Wendy isn't the only co-worker Gizelle is butting heads with in this hour. The episode starts right back at the Williamsburg lunch table where Gizelle has just declared to Karen that she wants Ray to live; she wants Ray to pay his bills. Karen has the audacity to say that's old news and Gizelle should choose a new topic when she's been saying for weeks that she can't move forward with Gizelle until she apologizes for some random petty comment Gizelle made four years ago.

You know I like when the O.G. girls are fighting, but I'm also becoming slightly concerned that every single meal this season will have to include Karen and Gizelle declaring that they have no interest in making up, while still actively staying seated because their paychecks actually depend on them cohabitating. The other girls seem concerned about the same thing and beg Karen and Gizelle to figure out a way to have a private conversation and move forward. Askale, who is seated right in the line of fire, says she thought they were about to follow up their three-hour bus ride with a nice salad, and now she's having to listen to everyone yell about taxes. They put a pin in it for now.

And other than an unfortunate scene where a photographer documented Michael's face to film, that's really all that happens before we reach the dinner that I think the Housewives history books will look back on as the beginning of the end for Wendy and Gizelle. Because while Wendy is busy getting suited up in leather leggings and a Versace bustier, boobs greased to the gods, Gizelle is presenting her most recent hypothesis to Robyn after first rolling it out to Ashley last week. She thinks Wendy's whole personality has changed this year; she swears she doesn't care that Wendy is dressing sexier now, but the only examples of change Gizelle can ever offer up is Wendy's sexier new style.

Robyn agrees that something has felt off about the way Wendy has been acting, and she just wants to make sure she's okay. So, you know what that means…

Bring it up in front of a large group with no warning and poor communication!

The dinner conversation goes from chatting about how Chris pushes Candiace maybe a little too hard sometimes, to how Juan has been disappointed in Robyn's inability to get up and get going during the pandemic. Robyn admits to the other women that she's feeling unmotivated, and often can't get her day started until noon even though she knows she has a ton of things to get done. She says that Juan is finding her struggles unattractive, and Gizelle, Robyn's best friend, asks if that's the reason he's not rushing down the aisle: "No one wants to marry unattractive." Thank goodness for Askale, who tells Robyn that the symptoms she's describing sound a lot like depression. As is tradition on The Real Housewives of Potomac, Robyn wonders if perhaps instead of a therapist, she should get a life coach. Everyone nods vigorously at the idea of a life coach, except Askale, who says Robyn should also consider seeing a therapist.

Give Askale her glass of Maryland's sparkling wine, like, yesterday.

Wendy attempts to share with the group that she's in a similar place with feeling overwhelmed and like she has too much on her plate. So Gizelle takes it upon herself to confront Wendy during this rare moment of vulnerability, ensuring that this conversation will not go well even if something deeper was going on to explain the alleged changes in her personality. Gizelle says she can't put her finger on what it is, but there's a difference in Wendy recently: "I have seen more of your body parts in the past month than I have in the entire time I've known you." Gizelle will go on to insist that the change she's noticed in Wendy has nothing to do with her body or how she dresses, but she will exclusively mention Wendy's body and how she dresses as proof that something has changed.

Wendy laughs at first, saying the difference Gizelle is noticing seems pretty obvious: she got a boob job. Gizelle went to a party for it! She ate the titty cupcake! But Gizelle says of course it has nothing to do with the boob job, and that's when Robyn chimes in, "You've been a little more drop-it-like-it's-hot, booty-poppin'… like, I feel like the Wendy I met last year was not that loose." LOOSE?! What is this, Grease? And if Robyn doesn't mean "loose" in a slut-shaming way, is she upset that… her friend is feeling freer and more comfortable around them this year? Wendy has obviously made a conscious effort to project a different image this season, but what they're actually grilling her about at this table has no merit. Why is she dressing sexier? Because she feels sexier! And because she wants to!

I'm agreeing with Candiace so much this season that I'm starting to wonder if I'm the one who had a personality transplant between seasons, but when she said, "Tweetle and twattle, why are you badgering Wendy — worry about your own areolas," I felt that.

Gizelle obviously just wants to talk about the rumors that Eddie has cheated on Wendy, and is using this even more hurtful avenue to do it, saying that the way Wendy looks and acts now is way different from the "professor Wendy; substance Wendy" they got to know last year. That's when Wendy finally shuts it down, saying that you can be sexy and still have substance. Gizelle does her little confused face and insists that Wendy was already sexy last year, to which Wendy states: "I define my sexiness, not you." Damn straight! Wendy didn't have it with the Mia stuff, but she might just get back on track with telling the Green-Eyed Bandits what's what.

Once again, thank goodness for Askale — who I am dying to get testimonials from, given her range of facial expressions throughout all these arguments — who brings things to a close by telling Gizelle that since she's had so many questions for everyone else tonight, there was something Askale has actually been meaning to ask her. She's heard a lot of conflicting comments about Gizelle's significant other, and she's wondering if she's in a relationship right now. And Gizelle has the nerve to say she doesn't want to discuss it after she's been running all over the DMV area talking about Wendy's husband. Specifically, she doesn't want to discuss it in front of Karen, whom she calls a liar and a troll, to which Karen returns that Gizelle is a liar and a stalker.

But there's no time to get back into Gizelle and Karen because we need to reserve our energy for Wendy going full "cut the cameras, dead ass" next week. See you there in my Versace bustier!

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