Mando takes on a passenger in search of more Mandalorians but winds up on the run from the New Republic and right into the spider's lair.

By Lauren Morgan
November 06, 2020 at 09:24 AM EST
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While last week’s episode ended with a big bombshell in the form of a potentially alive Boba Fett, we get no more information about the bounty hunter in this week’s episode. Sadly, we don’t get anymore of Timothy Olyphant’s delightful marshal Cobb Vanth either, but the second episode of the season still manages to be pretty entertaining on its own as Baby Yoda’s appetite causes chaos and Mando finds the New Republic on his tail. 

As Mando speeds back to Mos Eisley on Tatooine with Boba Fett’s armor in tow, he comes under attack from three bounty hunters still on the trail of Baby Yoda. He dispatches two of them quickly and tricks the third by offering his jetpack up in exchange for the child. The jetpack isn’t gone for long though as Mando launches it into the sky which both kills the bounty hunter and returns the jetpack to him. 

Credit: Lucasfilm Ltd.

Mando makes it back to town by nightfall after a long, heavy walk in the desert and finds Peli Motto (Amy Sedaris chewing every bit of scenery that is not nailed down) playing sabacc with Dr. Mandible. After offering up the game’s next stake in exchange for info about another covert of Mandalorians, Mando finds the info won’t come without strings attached. After the game, Peli meets him at the Razor Crest with an unexpected passenger who is literally referred to by no name except Frog Lady. Turns out Frog Lady (played by Misty Rosas) needs a ride to the estuary moon of Trask in the system of gas giant Kol Iben so her husband can fertilize their eggs before their entire line dies. The one hitch is that Mando can’t use hyperspace to get there because it would kill the eggs. Mando wants to back out of the deal since traveling sublight is too dangerous for him and Baby Yoda but once he finds out that Frog Lady’s husband is his only lead to finding more Mandalorians, he reluctantly agrees. 

The Razor Crest takes off as Mando warns Frog Lady this will most likely be a bumpy flight as he tries to avoid the various pirates and war lords that travel via sublight. Unfortunately, though he speaks many languages, frog isn’t one of them so he can’t communicate with her at all. 

Baby Yoda, meanwhile, is down in the hull eyeing the glowing vat of eggs like an all-you-can-eat buffet and brings them closer to his eyes via his Force powers. While he stayed mostly out of trouble in the last episode, he becomes an egg-eating little terrorist in this one as Mando discovers him gobbling eggs when he descends into the hull to sleep. While he must know Baby Yoda has a taste for frogs by now, Mando, like all exhausted parents finding their kid eating something they aren’t supposed to, scolds Baby Yoda and forces him into their bunk to sleep. But Baby Yoda’s egg-eating reign of terror is not yet over. 

How Mando gets any sleep while wearing his full armor remains unknown but he’s soon awakened by the ship’s alarm. Unfortunately, the Razor Crest has come under the detection of two New Republic x-wing pilots who are sweeping the sector for Imperial remnants and they’ve flagged him since his transponder is off. If the pilots look familiar, it’s because one is Star Wars mastermind Dave Filoni, who reprises his role as pilot Trapper Wolf (that name!) from season 1’s episode “The Prisoner” and the other is Kim’s Convenience star Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, who plays Captain Carson Teva. Filoni’s appearance isn’t the only callback to that episode as Mando has to deal with the repercussions of the New Republic prison break he took part in last season. 

At first, Mando tries to dodge their requests to turn his transponder back on but when they suggest he follows them to the outpost of Adelphi so they can confirm he isn’t Imperial, he reluctantly sends them a ping. 

Trouble really starts once Frog Lady wakes up and makes enough noise for the pilots to hear. Wolf asks Carson to switch to another channel to talk without Mando’s knowledge and as they do, their x-wings ominously launch into fight position. Since the pilots now realize he was involved in the prison break, Mando takes off for a nearby planet.

As he ducks and swerves through the heavy cloud cover, Wolf and Carson remain on his tail though they are reluctant to shoot. The pilots might have newer, faster ships but Mando is a more daring pilot and he dives deep into the atmosphere shooting deep into one of the ice canyons on the planet.  He crash lands and looks to have escaped the New Republic for now but unfortunately, the ship didn’t land on the ground but a fragile ice shelf, which collapses beneath its weight. The Razor Crest suffers serious damage but he and Frog Lady survive. She’s worried the crash has damaged the eggs but when Mando descends to the wrecked, snow-strewn hull, he discovers that the biggest danger to the eggs is still Baby Yoda who has been gobbling up more of them after the crash. Bad, Baby Yoda, bad!

Since the ship is wrecked for now, Mando urges Frog Lady to get some rest as he also lays down in the hull to sleep. Baby Yoda stops committing frog genocide long enough to snuggle close to his metal daddy but Frog Lady eyes the remnants of Zero, the killer droid played by Richard Ayode in “The Prisoner.” Soon, Mando wakes up alarmed by the sound of Zero’s vocabulator, which Frog Lady has rigged to translate her voice. Though Mando considers their deal off because of the state of his ship, Frog Lady guilts Mando by reminding him that honoring his word is supposed to be a part of a Mandalorian’s code. She’s fighting extinction, but maybe the stories of Mandalorian honor were just those told to children. 

Credit: Lucasfilm

The softie that he is, Mando’s heart gets the better of him and he trudges outside the ship to start repairs. How he’ll get the ship functional again would seem to take a miracle but he’s soon distracted by his little green son who motions that Frog Lady has left the ship and has gone wandering off into the ice caves. 

Mando finds Frog Lady taking a nice relaxing dip with all of her eggs in a nearby hot spring and while he urges her to come back to the ship. As he starts gathering her eggs from the water, he notices his egg-eating bandit looks like he’s about to have another snack and shoos him away. Unfortunately, Mando doesn’t seem to notice that they are surrounded by eggs of a different sort — but Baby Yoda sure does and makes himself a snack of a small baby Krykna, a spider-like creature previously seen in Star Wars Rebels and based off concept art from the brilliant Star Wars legend Ralph McQuarrie. In a scene reminiscent of the Aliens franchise, all the other eggs start to hatch and hundreds of little Krykna start to swarm.  And just as Frog Lady has been protective of her eggs all episode, their enormous mama isn’t too happy one of her babies has been gobbled up and soon crashes into the cave. 

In a creepy sequence that recalls previous cinematic spider attacks involving Lord of the Rings’ Shelob and Harry Potter’s Aragog along with the tales of the ice spiders from Game of Thrones, Mando and company flee back to the ship as the Krykna attack from every angle. Mando sets off some detonators which helps get them to the temporary safety of the Razor Crest but since the hull is still compromised, they are soon flooded with the creatures. They take refuge in the cockpit where Frog Lady saves Baby Yoda from attack even though he probably doesn’t deserve it for the way he’s been eating her young. Mando finally gets the cockpit secured and tries to take off but the mama Krykna lands on top of the Razor Crest as it struggles to ascend. As hundreds of little Krykna scurry and scrape all over the glass, she punctures it and gets ready to attack. The situation looks very dire until the Krykna come under fire from Carson and Wolf, who have finally found the Razor Crest and kill the Krykna while standing in their x-wing cockpits. 

Once the Krykna are taken care of, Carson informs him that they’ve run the tabs on the Razor Crest and there is an arrest warrant out for him for the raid on the prison ship. But they also know he’s apprehended some high value New Republican targets and saved the life of Lieutenant Davan during the prison raid (the security guard played by Clone Wars’ Matt Lanter, if you recall). 

While they want to know if all this information is true, Mando just wants to know if he’s under arrest. He should be but after some negotiation they basically let him off with a warning. As long as he fixes his transponder, they won’t vaporize the ship. The New Republic pilots take off, leaving Mando to try and get the wrecked ship repaired enough to make it to Trask so Frog Lady can rendezvous with her husband and he can locate the Mandalorian covert he needs for his ongoing quest to reunite Baby Yoda with his species.    

Miraculously, Mando manages to re-pressurize the cockpit and he, Frog Lady, and Baby Yoda all strap in for the long, bumpy flight ahead. While Mando and Frog Lady try to get some rest, Baby Yoda decides to have another mid-flight snack and sneaks one last egg as the Razor Crest limps off into the stars. This kid never listens!

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