June receives scary intel on Hannah while Serena's sent packing by Gilead.

Still reeling from the gut punch Serena (Yvonne Strahovski) delivered from afar during last episode's conclusion, June's (Elisabeth Moss) tearfully clutching a photo of Hannah. But it wasn't just seeing her kidnapped daughter by Serena's side during Fred's (Joseph Fiennes) funeral that's got her so upset. No, she's also pretty terrified of what sick, Gilead symbolism could be behind the plum-colored dress Hannah was wearing at the service.

Determined to contact Nick (Max Minghella) for help, she connects with Lily, a former Martha who now leads a band of border-camping, gun-toting rebels. Holding down an impressive base of operations in a log cabin, the group turns out to be part of Mayday, the resistance working to take down Gilead from the inside. June is surprised and pleased to discover Mayday's also fighting the good fight from the great white north. The crew is equally impressed with June who, it turns out, inadvertently saved Lily as part of the prisoner swap for Fred. 

Back in Gilead, Fred's barely in the ground, but Serena's moving on, having dinner at commander Lawrence's (Bradley Whitford) residence. She arrives with agent Tuello (Sam Jaeger), but the commander cheerfully makes the "spy" wait outside. Nick and his new wife, Rose, who we notice walks with the aid of a cane, as well as commander MacKenzie and his wife (Amy Landecker) are also in attendance. The latter couple, of course, are Hannah's arranged Gilead parents, who've renamed her Agnes. 

The Handmaid’s Tale
Commander Lawrence (Bradley Whitford) and Serena (Yvonne Strahovski)
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The MacKenzies haven't come to Lawrence's for the coffee and lovely company, but to discuss the group's "mutual adversary." They're certain June killed Fred with help from the Americans, and they now fear she'll come for them next. They ponder how "sweet angel" Agnes/Hannah could possibly come from "devil woman" June. Making an already-squirming Nick more uncomfortable, they also refer to her as "a cancer that must be cut out." Commander Mackenzie goes after Lawrence too,  albeit more passively, strongly suggesting he must remarry if he wishes to remain among Gilead's leadership.

Nick heads outside and chats with Tuello,  informing the agent he wants to be the one to tell June about his recent nuptials. A suspicious MacKenzie – clearly gunning to replace Fred as the biggest pain in everyone's backside – arrives and asks Tuello to excuse himself. He tells Nick to do right by Rose, as her father is an old friend of the MacKenzie clan. He then warns he'll be keeping a close eye on him. 

The mood is no lighter at the hospital, where Aunt Lydia (Ann Dowd) is visiting Esther (Mckenna Grace), who was last seen attempting to pull off a murder-suicide with some poisoned chocolates. The girl's unconscious, but that doesn't stop Lydia from slapping her hard across the chops. Lydia then heads to Janine's (Madeline Brewer) room, where she drops to her knees and begs God not to punish  her for her "temper" by killing her favorite handmaid. She promises to turn things around if Janine is spared.

The Handmaid’s Tale
Teenage Girl (Kaitlyn Chu)
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Desperate to save Janine, Lydia asks a reluctant Mrs. Putnam (Ever Carradine) to bring baby Angela by for a visit. As the handmaid's biological daughter – sporting a curly, red mane just like mom – playfully smiles, Putnam ensures Janine she won't be forgotten. Despite the doctor not being optimistic about her recovery, Lydia's motherly magic works. By episode's end, the cattle prod-wielding aunt discovers  Janine awake, but wheelchair-bound. With the cruel handmaid wrangler's prayers seemingly answered, she now has a promise to keep.

Back at the border, June's helping her new resistance pals sew some arsenic into a dress so it can be smuggled into Gilead. But she's drawn from her guerrilla duties by a violent encounter outside. An unfamiliar, but apparently "good" guardian has delivered a Gilead refugee. There's a showdown between the rebels and the man, but the situation's diffused before bullets can fly. June briefly speaks to the soldier, who informs her he's headed back across the border to help his wife and daughter –  perhaps June's found another ally on the inside?

At Lawrence's house, Serena and the commander discuss Fred, as well as their future. Both share harsh words about her dearly departed, with Serena even suggesting she and her unborn child are probably better off without him. Serena also encourages Lawrence to find a new wife if he wishes to remain in power, before inviting him to feel the baby kicking in her belly. He does so, and swears to protect her and the child. 

The mother-to-be heads back to her hotel, inviting Tuello into her room. She informs him she's not returning to Canada, and that she intends to remarry. Despite his protests and concerns for her safety, she's adamant: "My place is here. There are so many things that I want to accomplish." The pair's building romantic tension also comes to a head when Serena tenderly presses her face against the agent's, but they're interrupted by a knock on the door – it seems Serena's been summoned by the commanders. 

The next morning, she faces the council, but their plans don't align with hers, nor do they include her staying in the totalitarian territory. Commander MacKenzie attempts to sugar-coat their decision, explaining they want her to serve as a Gilead ambassador, representing their "sacred republic" from Toronto. But Lawrence carefully words a more honest justification: "You're an unusual woman, Serena, and we don't have the proper infrastructure for unusual women to live within our borders." While surprised and disappointed, Serena pivots as only she can, requesting a "staff, substantial budget, and protection from those that would hurt her and her baby." 

The Handmaid’s Tale
Elisabeth Moss as June
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Speaking of those keen on harming the former Mrs. Fred Waterford, Mayday has come through for June. She gets a call from Nick, who assures her Hannah is safe. He also tells her about his new wifey Rose, asks her to keep Nichole safe, and warns her of commander MacKenzie's power and reach. He also reveals what Hannah's plum-colored dress indicates: "That means she's ready," he says solemnly. 12-year-old Hannah will soon start at a new school with a curriculum focused on preparing tweens to become wives. Following the emotional call, June stresses to Moira (Samira Wiley) that they can't help Hannah from Canada, and that they're essentially back to square one. 

After an awkward encounter with Tuello on the return flight to Toronto, Serena's receiving a ride back to the detention center. On the way, she's greeted by a number of smiling supporters she fondly calls "servants of God." But she encounters a far less friendly face before reaching her destination. A pair of blinding headlights block her vehicle's path. While her driver attempts to react,  June springs from the shadows, slams Serena's window with her fists, and calmly, but sternly states, "Never touch my daughter again." As Serena frantically tells the driver to back up and drive off, June repeats the warning. June watches the car speed away, then turns and disappears into the glow of her Subaru Outlander's high-beams like a boss.

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