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So let’s start with the bad news: Tonight’s episode of The Flash didn’t feature an amazing My Chemical Romance needle drop like I hoped it would since the episode is called “So Long and Goodnight.” Fortunately, that didn’t prevent me from enjoying the episode, which was pretty solid for the most part and gave Jesse L. Martin some room to shine even more than he usually does.

The episode begins at Joseph Carver’s home, where the leader of Black Hole hires Rag Doll to kill Joe West because of his RICO investigation. There are any number of ways Rag Doll could've pulled this off, and yet he chooses a particularly odd one: He clambers inside of Joe’s car engine, prevents Joe from breaking, and forces the car to accelerate until Joe has no other option but to bail out before it crashes and explodes. How did Rag Doll know he himself would be able to slink out of the car before it went boom? Who knows! But it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that Joe survived because Joe West is not allowed to die.

You would think this near-death experience would deter Joe from pursuing the Black Hole case any further, but he doubles down instead and rejects witness protection. The next day, Joe heads back to the precinct to interrogate Sunshine. During the interrogation, though, Rag Doll creepily crawls out of an evidence box in the room and tries to kill Joe again. (For the record: I love Rag Doll because he’s such a visually creepy villain. I also hate him because he’s so creepy.) Thankfully, Barry figures out Rag Doll is the one trying to kill Joe and speeds into the precinct in time to save him. Unfortunately, Barry fails to stop one of the bullets from hitting Joe in the arm because his speed craps out.

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Barry begs Joe to take a step back from the Black Hole case, or at least just hang out at S.T.A.R. Labs for a bit where they can keep an eye on him. That’s the last thing Joe wants to do. He wants to take Black Hole down before they can target his family again. The thing is, he's neglecting to consider the fact that he's putting his family in harm's way. That being said, I loved how Joe felt more active than he usually does. It was nice seeing him get up from behind the desk and do some policing again — even if that led to him stupidly confronting Carver at his home and failing to record a confession because Carver smugly destroyed the recording with a localized EMP.

Eventually, Rag Doll does the very obvious thing and kidnaps Cecile in order to lure Joe out. So, Barry throws on his suit and speeds Joe to where Rag Doll is keeping Cecile, depleting Speed Force be damned! As Barry goes head to head with Rag Doll without his speed, Joe goes searching for Cecile and finds her strapped to a pressure bomb. When Nash fails to help him disarm the bomb, Joe does the valiant thing and takes Cecile’s place on the chair. Once Barry handles Rag Doll, Joe orders Barry to speed Cecile away to safety even though he knows Barry doesn’t have enough speed to come back in time to save him. Barry tries to do it anyway, and when he returns, he discovers that Joe managed to disarm the bomb. Thank God, because, again, Papa Joe West is the one person on this show who isn’t allowed to die no matter what.

Thankfully, this near-death experience convinces Joe that he needs to go into witness protection to save his family. Barry tries to call Iris before Joe leaves, but she doesn’t answer. So, Joe gets in a black SUV and drives off without saying goodbye to his daughter. Meanwhile, Singh returns to his car, looks in his rear-view mirror, and tells Eva that Joe has been taken off the board. In other words, Singh is actually Mirror-Singh, which raises so many freaking questions!

Furthermore, “So Long and Goodnight” started shedding some light on what Eva wants: revenge. She orders Iris to force Barry into using up all his speed so she doesn’t interfere with her plans for her husband Joseph. Then, at the end of the episode, someone delivers a mirror to Carver’s home, which allows Eva to talk to him. Through their conversation, it becomes clear that they’re two megalomaniacs who hate each other.

Speaking of damaged marriages: Barry and Mirror-Iris reach a breaking point tonight. When Barry returns home after sending Joe off into witness protection, Mirror-Iris flips out on him for not using his powers to make sure she got a chance to say goodbye to him. Not only that, but she also says this fits his pattern of making unilateral decisions without any regard for other people’s feelings. I’ll admit their fight was so hard to watch because Mirror-Iris is clearly manipulating the facts here in order to upset Barry and use up his speed even faster, and Barry looks so bloody hurt when Mirror-Iris kicks him out of their home. Thankfully, it seems as though this will finally help Barry realize that something isn’t right since Iris would’ve understood why Barry couldn’t use his powers to help her see Joe.

Thankfully, it’s not all bad news on the relationship front: While all of this Black Hole drama was going on, Ralph teamed up with Cisco to track down Sue. In other words, “So Long and Goodnight” gave us another chance to enjoy Hartley Sawyer and Natalie Dreyfuss’ amazing chemistry. At the end of their little cat and mouse game, Sue agrees to let Ralph help her take on Black Hole, which is currently blackmailing her parents, who are good decent people, she says. Not only that, but Sue also admits that she felt bad about tricking him during their last encounter. Honestly, I can see the altar now!

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