Find out who was eliminated in episode 3, "Us Against the World."

After winning two seasons of The Challenge: All Stars in a row, Jonna has learned a thing or two about how to put the game above personal relationships or emotions. She's continuing to show off her new savage side in The Challenge: World Championship... but is she making the right moves this time? Let's recap episode 3!

Last week's double episode premiere ended on a cliffhanger with Jonna and KellyAnne's tense conversation about the upcoming elimination — Jonna is in power, and has to choose between throwing Jodi or KellyAnne into elimination. This episode kicks off with Jonna immediately telling Wes that KellyAnne just "attacked" her, and she might have to throw her in as a result. Wes points out that while KellyAnne may be all over the place emotionally, she's "eerily loyal" and the right move right now is to send in Jodi.

Outside, KellyAnne complains to Tristan about Jonna potentially betraying her, but he points out that since, you know, nothing's happened, there's no need to spiral... yet. Tristan's not used to being the calming presence on his team, since apparently he shares KellyAnne's same trait of not being able to zip his lip, but he does his best to talk her down from the ledge.

Meanwhile, Benja is trying to manifest not getting thrown into elimination against his fellow Team Argentina member Jujuy, and just generally remains optimistic about everything. Jodi, on the other hand, knows the game isn't sunshine and rainbows. More often than not, it makes your worst option a reality, and she's not feeling confident about whether her partner can handle the uglier parts of the game. While Benja keeps repeating over and over that Jodi's amazing and he's so happy she's his partner, she never says it back. It's super awkward.

Wes and Jonna in 'The Challenge: World Championship'
Wes and Jonna in 'The Challenge: World Championship'
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The next morning, Ben gets a taste of what it's like to be on the real Challenge and not a spinoff filled with adult CBS reality stars when he's confronted with a stinky spread of stale food and dirty dishes that were left out in the kitchen overnight. He did, however, pick up one handy trick from The Challenge: USA: Simply hide a full clean set of dishes for yourself. Not bad!

Also... is that Tori and Jordan... sharing a bed?! We only get a brief glimpse of them as everyone is passed out early in the morning, but what in the world is happening there?! They goof around by the pool and Jordan reveals they're in a better place than ever since their breakup, and they're going to be allies this season with "hopefully less turmoil" than they had on Ride or Dies. Exes Kaz and Theo are also starting to get to a friendly place, or at least to a place where they can joke about how they haven't been in a good place with each other for two years. That's something, at least.

In the harsh light of day, Jonna approaches KellyAnne and apologizes for how things devolved the night before. She wants to remain allies and get on the same page. KellyAnne starts to cry and they hug it out. Beef squashed. Looks like Jodi and Benja need to start preparing to go into elimination!

Tristan and KellyAnne on 'The Challenge: World Championship'
Tristan and KellyAnne on 'The Challenge: World Championship'
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To be fair, Jodi's got her finger on the pulse of the game and knows that it's likely going to be her and Benja, who refuses to consider it as an option. All of the Argentinians are attempting to remain optimistic, whereas Team USA members like Sarah and Danny are already clocking how close all the legends are with each other, and how that will likely negate any team loyalty this season. They're expecting and preparing for the worst. This feels like foreshadowing for later in the season.

Nelson tries to make a deal with Jonna where, once he sees the elimination setup, he'll give her a signal: He'll put his hair up if he wants Tristan as his opponent and leave it down if he wants Benja. She laughs, because the person going into elimination doesn't really have a choice, but now she has an easy scapegoat if she does decide to throw in KellyAnne — she can just say it was Nelson's choice.

Benja tries to politic with Jonna, but KellyAnne is listening in and studying Jonna's face the entire time, eventually coming to the conclusion that Jonna won't send her in. She also notes that Jonna could be lying to her... which she says would make her a total "sociopath." Will this friendship survive the night? Let's find out.

Jonna and Grant on 'The Challenge: World Championship'
Jonna and Grant on 'The Challenge: World Championship'
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In The Arena, Nelson puts his hair up, signaling to Jonna he wants Tristan and KellyAnne thrown in. Grant announces that he and Jonna are sending in KellyAnne and Tristan against Nelson and Jujuy. It's Team Argentina on Team Argentina violence!

Jonna's smile as Grant makes his announcement throws KellyAnne for a loop, giving way to a series of flashbacks that demonstrate Jonna's reasoning for picking KellyAnne. It was KellyAnne's comment about how they should be targeting strong teams that sent her over the edge, given that Jonna and Grant are one of the strongest teams at the moment. Also, since they can just blame it on Nelson's "choice," Jonna decided it was the right call. Unfortunately, it doesn't take long for regret to start setting in.

In the elimination, "Tether Brawl," Tristan and KellyAnne quickly find the right momentum while Nelson struggles to figure out how to swing Jujuy. They get a big lead right away, with Nelson trailing behind. The legends on the sideline try their hardest to help Nelson, but he won't listen to their advice or adapt in the moment; he just fruitlessly tries the same thing over and over again, showcasing one of his biggest weaknesses in this game.

As KellyAnne and Tristan get their final pieces, Grant and Jonna (and the rest of Team Australia) start to sweat, realizing they made the wrong choice. Tristan easily stacks all eight pieces, winning the elimination and sending Nelson and Jujuy home. Team Argentina takes another hit, and now Team Australia is going to feel the heat.

Back at the house, Jonna knows a storm is brewing and it's heading her way. As the legends laugh about how KellyAnne's going to be looking for revenge, Jonna tells KellyAnne the reason she was thrown in was because Jonna heard that KellyAnne told others about their conversation about working together. KellyAnne blows up, saying that's a lie.

There's no video footage to support it, so Jonna could be lying. Then again, KellyAnne's been all over the place, saying the wrong things to the wrong people, so it could also be true. Either way, Jonna took her shot and missed, angering KellyAnne and igniting a legend-on-legend war.

The Challenge: World Championship debuts new episodes Wednesdays on Paramount+.

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