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Should the producers just sign Angela's name on the check at this point? Because she is absolutely dominating The Challenge: USA and I'll be shocked if she doesn't win the whole thing. The Big Brother alum proved once again in this week's episode that she's the best competitor this season — not just out of the women, but the men too! Let's recap.

Sarah lets everyone know — in case it wasn't already clear after what happened in last week's episode — that the "Fab Five" is done. Cashay is gone, Desi didn't do what Sarah wanted, so she only cares about Cayla and Justine now. They do a weird dance move together in the bathroom and celebrate as if they had a major win, but the true winners of last week were definitely Angela and Alyssa, so I'm not sure why these three are all so happy.

Ben and Enzo are getting closer than ever, but Enzo's worried about if he can survive this week's men's elimination. Dom already has his sights set on an Enzo vs. David elimination so all the Survivor guys can stay safe, but that only works if neither of them win, and one has to lose the challenge. That's a lot of "ifs!"

The competitors of 'The Challenge: USA'
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The Challenge: Code Crossing

Players go head-to-head using pegs to climb the length of wall attached to a moving semi truck, until they can reach and pull the cord at the end to stop their time. The fastest time wins, but if no one finishes in three minutes, whoever gets the furthest wins. And if you fall, you're out. Plus, each player gets to place six pegs wherever they want on the wall in advance. Easy enough, right?

Wrong! First up is Tyson and David, and they both know they're essentially the guinea pigs for everyone else to learn what to do and what not to do in this challenge. They both placed their first six pegs at the beginning of the board, and both quickly realize that wasn't the right strategy. The three minutes go fast and both men don't make it far. Tyson's disappointed in himself for not figuring out the right strategy, and he also doesn't think anyone is going to be able to finish the challenge if he couldn't. His ego is pretty big but he's also extremely self-aware about his intelligence when it comes to figuring out how to hack challenges, so let's find out if he's right about this one!

Next up is Sarah and Alyssa, and they both choose extremely different strategies for their first six pegs. Sarah falls off the wall pretty quickly, getting an immediate DQ, while Alyssa makes it a little further before the time ends. Dom and Danny are next, and Dom almost falls off but makes quick work of his board, getting the furthest so far. Danny realizes he didn't grab enough pegs to begin with, but keeps going for the entire three minutes.

Tyson is starting to get pissed, thinking that he's in last place because he had to go first. Justine and Cayla go next, and Cayla falls off after stepping on the first peg. She just smiles and waves to everyone on the sidelines for the rest of the run while Justine makes it a little further. Enzo and Ben are next, and Ben actually almost makes it across the entire wall. His run is the best so far... but Angela's up next.

Credit: Jonne Roriz/CBS

When Angela and Desi go, everyone is impressed with how Angela placed her six pegs as a walkway, making her run a little easier. She ends up being the first and only player to finish the whole course. No one is surprised at all. After TJ confirms that Angela is the female winner (of course), he announces that Ben made it the furthest for the men, taking the win. As for the loser, David had the worst run, so he's going straight into elimination.

Back at the house, Ben and Angela sit down with David, and he tells them he wants to go against either Tyson or Dom. He thinks he can take them out, and wants their money. But he doesn't realize that both Angela and Ben are in an alliance with both of those guys. Angela says Enzo is the only option for them to pick because he's not in their alliance, and he's the only guy she wouldn't want to partner with during the final, but that's Ben's new BFF so he's not ready to commit just yet. He'd rather throw in Dom or Tyson because he knows that's his biggest competition, but Angela isn't budging. Ben claims he won't even consider Enzo as an option, but something tells me he won't want to risk his own game, not even for his new BFF.

The next morning, Ben immediately apologizes to Angela and admits he was wrong to consider going against their alliance/plan. He also agrees to throw in Enzo. That was fast! But the drama is only just beginning. David is shocked when Angela lets him know that Enzo is going in against him, and Ben's pissed that Angela told David before he could tell Enzo. He goes up to Enzo immediately so he can be the one to break the news, and Enzo doesn't understand why Angela would want to keep Dom over him.

Everything gets messy, and Enzo tries to talk to Angela, but she can't be convinced to change her mind because she's judging based on performance this season — and he's clearly the weakest male left in the game. He starts to trash talk Tyson, saying "the rich get richer" because he already won a million dollars, and Angela can barely suppress her laugh because it's just like a toddler throwing a tantrum. He's ready to start a war in the house — but he has to win and come back first. Then David starts to get angry at Angela again, and she's shocked that picking Enzo is getting this kind of a reaction. Honestly, girl, same.

Credit: Jonne Roriz/CBS


Ben announces that Enzo is going in against David, but claims that "Benzo" is still alive and well. The silence from Enzo speaks volumes. But now we've got ourselves a challenge!

Elimination challenge: Balls In. This is a Challenge classic, another headbanger. Players switch off playing offense and defense, doing whatever they can to score the ball in the goal in the center of the ring. The player who scores more goals after five rounds wins.

Both guys get fired up before the first round, and David is first to go on offense. Enzo tackles him to the ground, and even though David is able to get right back up, Enzo ends up picking him up and throwing him out of bounds. When Enzo goes on offense, the round ends before he can even make it a foot into the ring. This is clearly not going to go down in the Challenge history books as an epic elimination.

David gets the first point quickly in round two, and pushes Enzo out of the ring before he can tie it up. In round three, it's clear that both men are already extremely exhausted, and Enzo stops David from scoring again. But David stops Enzo from getting a point too. Enzo blocks David again in round four, and finally gets his first point, tying it up for the final round.

It all comes down to round five, but David just tosses the ball towards the center without any real effort and completely misses the goal. That's what he wanted to do for his last shot?! Disappointing. It really looks like he just gave up! Enzo is the last to go on offense, and he easily gets the last point, winning the elimination and sending David home. I guess that's that?

Enzo's fired up after winning, but none of the women are happy that he's back because it means they likely will have to partner with him during the final. But he's officially the richest in the house now. Who would have thought this is how the end of the season would turn out?! Definitely not me.

Challenger of the week: Angela for being the only person on the cast to complete this week's challenge. I cannot wait to see her dominate the final (if she survives the next elimination and makes it there!).

The Challenge: USA airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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