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Before The Challenge: Total Madness ends for good, the cast returned for one last Zoom call to expose each other's secret hookups, breakups, dirty (literally) habits, and more. After NFL champion Vernon Davis hosted last week's part 1, he's back again to get all the players to spill the drama that never made it to air this season. So what else did we learn in part 2 of the remotely shot reunion?

Bunker fever

The title of this season came from the setting, and after all the players complained even more about how living in the bunker equated to torture, we learn that it took all the competitors about a half hour to figure out how to even open up the front door to get in at the start of the season. What a way to kick things off!

All the toilets/plumbing in the bunker proceeded to break on day one, so that's why they had to use porta-potties for the rest of the two months of filming. Since some of the guys didn't want to go outside every time they had to pee, they'd pee in the sinks and showers instead. Big T seems to be the most appalled at the "loo etiquette" of the cast. And to make matters even worse, some of the players didn't even use shower shoes! Aneesa exposes that someone pooped in a urinal. Lock reality stars in a bunker for two months and all societal manners go out the (nonexistent) windows.

On a more serious note, the setting of the bunker drove both Cory and Bayleigh to anxiety attacks during filming. Footage reveals Cory struggling to breathe and Swaggy C talking him through it. "I was a hot mess," Cory explains, adding that the still, heavy air made it difficult for him to get any sleep. And Bayleigh, who says she's dealt with anxiety her whole life, talks about how she felt her chest tightening and her throat closing, which resulted in the meltdown that aired later in the season when she walked off set.

Secret hookups

Despite the rumors of Melissa hooking up with Kyle, it turns out she was actually linked to other players this season: Josh and Nany! There's footage of her and Josh giving each other topless massages and cuddling in bed under the covers, but Melissa laughs after it plays and admits she completely forgot about that. It turns out they did "snog" a bit but Melissa says while she doesn't want to be mean, she can't rate Josh's kissing "because it was not good" and just "very sloppy" because "he's a clumsy kisser." Yikes!

Kyle also reveals he wanted to cuddle with Melissa more "to piss Josh off" because he could see "Josh getting close to her" at first, and she admits that's why she was drawn away from her thing with Josh even quicker. Josh says he kept hearing from other people in the bunker that Kyle and Melissa had hooked up prior to coming into this season, so he chose to stay away after that.

And there's some unseen footage shown of the women of the season getting wild and hooking up with each other. Turns out a game of truth or dare led to Nany and Melissa making out, and then once the guys left the room Aneesa and Jenny started making out too. There was also another time Nany and Melissa made out at the bar, and Melissa says that Nany was the best kisser. Jenny compliments Aneesa's kissing. Josh jokes that Nany pulled more girls than any of the guys this season, and Nany says Melissa's baby might be hers. That's the gossip we're all here for!

More "cheating"

While Jenna's cheating allegations with Zach took up a lot of screen time (too much, it could be argued), Nelson's cheating allegations with his offscreen girlfriend and Challenge vet Angela didn't make it to air. Apparently Angela heard some rumors of Nelson hooking up with Dee during filming and confronted him over video chat, but in his own words: "Hell no."

In addressing where his relationship is with Angela now, Nelson reveals that "unfortunately we're not together in this moment" and the disastrous call with Angela (that happened on his birthday!) "really messed my head up." But he says he's still in love with her. So that drama is ongoing.

More Zach and Jenna

Cory (rightly) points out that Jenna would never make Zach choose between their relationship or competing on The Challenge like he did with her this season. And that's why Cory posted that shade on social media when they announced their engagement. "He's always been a little bit of a baby," Cory says. But Jenna cryptically says that the "stupid stuff Zach found on her Instagram, he definitely should have been hurt and he should have been pissed off. I 100 percent agree." Hm.

And then Cory reveals that while he's not the person who was messaging Jenna (in the DMs Zach found), he does know who it is. Even more hmmmm.

Big T's emergency glam

During Big T's "Big Toe" incident, there were other moments that made the emergency more comedic than scary. Unaired footage reveals that she demanded to have her wig put on and to wear mascara and heels to the hospital because "doctors are very hot" and she needed to be "sexy." But while she did get a sexy doctor, she was female so Big T "didn't go down that road." At least she was prepared for anything!

Nelson vs. Swaggy

A huge blow-up happened between Nelson and Swaggy in the bunker that never aired during this season after Nelson called Bayleigh a "rat." A game of telephone went wrong after Nelson tried to warn Bayleigh not to trust the Holy Trinity and it ended up in a huge fight that Cory, Jordan, and Bananas actually broke up to save them from getting tossed by security. Swaggy admits that Nelson was just talking normally with him and it was Swaggy who escalated the situation because he felt like his wife was being attacked. Nelson eventually apologized for saying anything disrespectful about Bayleigh (but would go on to say disrespectful things about Kailah and Aneesa...).

Also unrelated but Nelson tries to throw season winner Jenny's math skills under the bus, so we're treated to footage of Nelson being unable to do simple math. You love to see it.

Kailah and Bear

What happens in the bunker doesn't stay in the bunker. Kailah found out that her boyfriend back home knew about her affair with Bear while video calling with a friend of hers. But Nany hints that there were "things behind the scenes" that validate Kailah cheating. "She did the right thing," Nany adds.

Nights out, puke, and Nany's missing tooth

During a location change bus ride, Bayleigh reveals she got puked on not once but twice. She's officially not a fan of the bus rides. One bar night, Josh got so drunk he puked the entire ride back. Apparently there was a lot of puke we thankfully weren't shown!

And on one night out at a bar, Nany was so drunk she lost a veneer while talking. Rogan found it on the floor of the dirty bar and shoved it back into Nany's mouth, according to Bananas. And when she woke up the next morning, it was gone again. Apparently she wasn't allowed to get it fixed during filming so if you look closely at the second half of the season, you can see one tooth looking very different from the rest.

With that, the Madness has come to an end. What a ride, folks. Who knows when we'll get to return to the world of The Challenge, but at least we know that season 36 is confirmed. Try not to suffer from your own bunker madness in the time it takes to finally film and air!

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