With no elimination, the destruction of one of the show's most infamous alliances ends on a cliffhanger instead.


For an episode that's half as long as we normally get, there was still plenty of action on The Challenge: Spies, Lies, and Allies this week. And just because we didn't see an elimination doesn't mean no one is getting sent home. We may not have seen anyone actually get the boot in this episode, but someone makes a choice that very well could mean the end of his game... if only the hour didn't end on a cliffhanger, we'd know for sure! Gah!

But let's back up. The episode begins after Logan's elimination win against my new favorite himbo Gabo, and Hughie knows the target is on his back now since he's the new rookie-rookie pair with Emy. He's feeling hopeless about his situation, whereas Emy's laughing about how many partners she's had so far. They're both ready for another swap. And CT's putting his mentor hat back on, noting that Emy could do some big things on this show if she can learn to control her "fire." If all we get from CT this season are his thoughts on the rookies, that's going to be really disappointing. But at least he's giving his opinions while getting naked. That's something, I guess? I'll take whatever we can get!

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Meanwhile, Josh is rightfully still in his feelings about Fessy's betrayal, and now he's complaining about it to Fessy's partner, Esther. Apparently, Josh and Esther have been getting close — and this is a pairing I did not see coming! Josh and Esther even start making out, although it looks like Esther might not be as into it as Josh is. She doesn't even know why she likes him. Yikes.

Esther wants Fessy and Josh to make up because apparently they still haven't spoken about Fessy's betrayal. But it turns out Amanda might be the only one who can get Fessy to see reason and finally apologize to Josh. Fessy tells Amanda that he feels like he keeps having to apologize to Josh over and over, and Amanda is just like, yeah, dude, maybe that's because you're always wrong. "Maybe you're the f---ing problem," she tells him as he stares at her with a dumb expression on his face. How is Amanda all of a sudden the voice of reason on this show?! This is wild considering what she used to be like. I'm loving this new and improved Amanda, which is a sentence I never thought I'd write. This season is wild.

Then we get a really sweet montage of Kaycee taking Nany on a romantic first date outside in the cabana while the whole house applauds them from the house. But things sour quickly (at least, in my eyes) when Kaycee clearly takes Fessy's side over Josh's in the Big Brother rift. I don't know why she stays loyal to Fessy after everything that happened last season and how he blamed their DQ on her leg and not his refusal to eat. And honestly, what did Amber do to Fessy or Kaycee to deserve them dogging her so hard this season? All she did was win despite getting no help from her supposed "allies." They're clearly both just salty she did what they couldn't. But they'll never admit that!

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The Challenge: Turning Agents

When TJ says that this one's going to be "so sick," you assume you're in for a good challenge. But while this daily sounds epic for the players witnessing it in person and doing it themselves, watching it is actually kind of disappointing. We basically just watch cars drive around in circles while the players are strapped on the roofs, laying down and looking at things. Fast and Furious, this is not!

Essentially teams are strapped to the roof of drift cars racing down a runway, and players must count the number of symbols on the tankers at each end to get the correct code to unlock their lockboxes and detonate a smoke bomb, stopping their time. And the entire time, the cars they're strapped to are doing donuts. The team with the fastest time, wins. The potential for puking is high, but nothing really happens, so... it's a bummer.

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The first heat is CT/Berna and Josh/Ashley, and CT notices that he and Berna aren't really communicating while Ashley and Josh are yelling out numbers to each other the entire time. And CT's instincts are right because Josh and Ashley absolutely kill it and finish really quickly. The next heat is Kaycee/Emanuel and Cory/Bettina, and Kaycee/Emanuel win. Then Devin/Amber know they have to beat Emy/Hughie to give the vets the perfect rookie-rookie house vote target, and thanks to Hughie and Emy not communicating, they do just that. Then Nany/Logan beat Big T/Jeremiah, Fessy/Esther beat Nelson/Priscilla, and Kyle/Amanda beat Tori/Ed.

As for the winner? The top three teams were Josh/Ashley, Kaycee/Emanuel, and Fessy/Esther, with Kacyee and Emanuel beating everyone and forming the Agency. And when there's a Big Brother player in power, you never know what kind of chaos is about to unfold. We already know Fessy can't be trusted to stick to the veteran alliance, but what about Kaycee?

Back at the house, Emy is already talking smack about Hughie as a partner, but he doesn't care because he's ready to go into elimination and get a new partner. And all the rookies are feeling the threat of potentially getting thrown in against Hughie and Emy. If you're a rookie in this game, your time is ticking down fast.

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Knowing that her head is absolutely on the chopping block, Emy goes to the "Satan Sisters" room to get help from Ashley, Amanda, and Nany to look as hot as possible for their night out. Also, it turns out she's a famous singer in Romania?! I had no idea. But Emy performs her original song "Alien" for everyone in the club while wearing one of Ashley's tiny dresses that's more like a shirt, and she even stage dives into the crowd. It's a really sweet moment, and if Emy loses this elimination, this was a great way to go out.

As the night out continues, Josh and Esther start making out, and the vibes change very quickly. Fessy keeps talking about how Amber could say she's sorry to him, but I don't know what she needs to apologize for when he was the one to betray their alliance? Fessy not only went against the veteran alliance, but he also screwed with the Big Brother alliance when he blindsided Amber. Amber's never tried to take a shot at Fessy, but he's somehow convinced himself that she's always against him. This guy is delusional, and he's corrupting Esther into thinking Amber is "fake." Berna also says she thinks Amber is fake because she won't stop talking about how she's been blindsided. But... Amber was blindsided! Honestly, what is happening here?! Amber is getting done so dirty by the producers too with the way they edited the scene of her dancing in the club, yelling "wooo!" while Esther and Berna talk about how annoying she is. My heart goes out to Amber; she does not deserve any of this.

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When everyone gets back from the club, they all make pizzas in the kitchen, and Amber is mad that someone ate the one she made. Then Tori starts a lie that Fessy was the one to eat Amber's pizza because she thinks it would be funny to see what drama erupts from it. Ugh, Tori. And Cory wants to stir the pot even more because he says it's "boring" in the house right now. Now that her fuse has been lit, Amber finally tells Fessy how she feels about him blindsiding her this season, but he thinks she should be mad at all the other people who knew he was doing it and didn't warn her. Because with Fessy, it's always someone else's fault, never his own.

And then Tori decides to ignite things even more and runs to get Josh involved, which Devin knows is the absolute worst thing that can happen in this situation. Josh was just peacefully playing a game of pool, minding his own business, but he's dragged into the fight while Amber is getting pissed that Fessy doesn't think he needs to apologize to her. "How is that a blindside?" he asks while everyone rolls their eyes at him. Come on, dude. You can't be that stupid to think throwing your own alliance member into elimination isn't the definition of a blindside!

And then Esther starts screaming that Amber knew she was going in, but she absolutely did not. Seriously, why is everyone treating Amber like this, and why is Esther so against her? Then Esther throws her drink in Amber's face, and things escalate quickly. Thankfully Josh takes Amber's side and starts s--- talking Fessy by pointing out all the times he's betrayed people in this game while security comes in and separates everyone — but chaos ensues. "You suck as a friend; you have a big ass ego, and you're f---ing wack," Josh yells. "Remember this when the rookie-rookie game is done, and your ass goes in every week." Meanwhile, Fessy is trying to s--- talk Josh right back by pointing out his elimination record. Fessy is one to talk when he has had to resort to playing dirty and injuring his opponents for his own elimination wins. And excuse me, but is Kaycee really yelling about how "alliance members don't do that to each other" after her consistent betrayals of Amber? To quote Devin last season: Big Brother sucks!

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Then the episode ends with Fessy pushing Josh's face, and man, I really hope that gets Fessy thrown from the game. That's a physical altercation! This show has a really spotty record when it comes to punishing players for getting physical, but if The Challenge gods are listening, please don't just give Fessy a warning. Boot him from the game! That would be some true karma.

Challenger of the week: Josh for having a great week despite the Big Brother alliance dying a slow death. He did well in the daily challenge, made out with someone, and did his best to stay out of the drama. And even when he was dragged into the fight against his wishes, he still kept a level head and threw some great burns at Fessy. Let's get a round of applause for Josh because this is some real growth!

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