All the biggest fights, shocking unaired hookups, and more are revealed.

Now that CT and Kaycee have won The Challenge: Spies, Lies, and Allies, you know what that means ... it's time for the reunion! Most of the cast came back together either in person or virtually for this season's The Challenge reunion special — and turns out, most of them are still salty about not winning. No surprise there. And while this reunion featured a lot of rehashing of the same old fights from the season, some new intel was revealed about what happened in the house as well as in the real world after this season ended. Let's recap all the biggest bombshells.

Spoiler alert: Fessy is still peak Fessy. After getting kicked off early this season for pushing Josh's face, he still was the center of a lot of drama during the reunion. I loved the cold shoulder Amber gives him during their entrance — the producer who scripted those two to walk the runway at the same time deserves a raise. But the real treat came when host Maria Menounos reads a fan question asking Fessy about an invitation he posted on social media asking CT to fight him in a for-profit celebrity boxing match … that he later deleted.

CT rolls his eyes at this, and Fessy says he deleted it because CT was still filming and couldn't see it or respond. He says he then texted CT about it but never got a response — and CT hilariously confirms he received the text. He just didn't want to respond and isn't interested at all, even though Fessy tries to convince him to do it by saying they could make "hundreds of thousands of dollars." "You had your chance in Iceland," CT tells him, roasting him for his infamous failure in the final last season on Double Agents. It's sad how desperate Fessy is to make this happen and hilarious to see how little CT cares. This man just won another half-a-million dollars and Fessy really thinks he's going to be swayed to fight him for money.

Fessy also was the subject of a lot of hookup drama.

Devin made a joke about how Michele "f---ed Fessy" after she learned that Tori and Emanuel got together. Turns out Fessy invited Michele to visit him in Florida to go to Harry Potter World together and they hooked up, so Amanda tries to start a fight with Michele over pursuing her guy. But Michele defends herself saying she didn't know Amanda and Fessy had a relationship after she was eliminated. And Michele says she's apologized to Amanda in private but Amanda keeps airing it all out publicly and not having this conversation in private — which is classic Amanda.

It's hard to sympathize with Amanda about another woman hooking up with Fessy because even she admits during the reunion that she's done with him after all the times he's lied and cheated on her after the season ended. There's a whole segment where Amanda and Fessy talk about all their relationship problems which are, quite honestly, exhausting and always comes back to Fessy hooking up with other girls behind her back. As of now, Amanda says they're officially "off" — and everyone piles on, roasting Fessy. Even Maria gets worked up trying to get Fessy to own up to his mistakes and be honest about why he keeps hurting Amanda — and he has nothing to say other than, "I'm an idiot" and "I'm sorry, babe." Amanda says she's looking to settle down and has to focus on her son, and Fessy wants to party and live the single life, so that's that. Suffice to say, there's no happily ever after for Amanda and Fessy.

That couldn't be more opposite from Kaycee and Nany, however! Nany reveals she actually didn't plan on doing this season and wanted to take some time off, but Kaycee convinced her to go on with her. They began the season as friends and throughout filming, they became close and got together officially. They're still in a relationship now, and Nany calls Kaycee the love of her life. They reveal they haven't been apart since the season ended, and Nany is moving to San Diego to officially live with Kaycee. Now that's a real Challenge happy ending!

There are a few other Challenge hookups from this season that are still continuing, like Tori and Emanuel — she visited him in Romania, met his family, and they had a great time. Emanuel says he has plans to visit Tori as well. And in a more shocking turn of events, it sounds like Nelson and Ashley are back to being friends with benefits. Then Berna gets Nelson to admit he lied to both Ashley and Berna about hooking up with both of them at the same time this season, and the entire cast applauds him for finally being honest. That's growth!

And when talking about how there were so many more hookups this season compared to last season, Big T and Amanda call out Josh for his secret, unaired hookup with Ashley — a.k.a. the same person who was kicked off the show after getting into an unaired argument with him later in the season. He denies it and says with a laugh, "I must have been drunk." And Nelson reveals Tori and Kelz did hook up before he left. Fessy and Bettina also hooked up and there's actual footage of this one.

The Challenge: Spies Lies and Allies
'The Challenge: Spies, Lies, and Allies' reunion
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As for the fights, there was a lot to go over. Berna and Emy get into a screaming match over how Emy lied about her plan to steal CT as her partner. Things have not gotten any better between these two rookie former BFFs. But one beef that does get squashed is Tori vs. Tacha when Tori admits she "over-politicked" when it came to choosing Tacha's elimination opponent. Tori says she wishes Tacha didn't block her on Instagram so she could have apologized, but she also knows Tacha didn't want to hear it. Tacha says Tori should have tried to reach out another way, but Tori said that blocking her on Instagram set a boundary. But in the end, Tacha says she has "nothing but love for Tori" and they can move past this, so they hug it out.

Things get very emotional when Amber brings up why she kept being called "fake" this season because she doesn't understand why she got that reputation. Hughie says the only vets who didn't say that about Amber or didn't defend her in those conversations were Devin, Kyle, and Big T, and that pisses off most of the cast, like Josh who denies ever saying that, but Hughie stands behind it.

Kaycee says that she heard Amber yelling off her quarantine hotel room balcony before the show, "F--- Big Brother!" which is the reason why she never wanted to work with her this season, even after their talk when Amber joined the game. But props to Amber for sticking up for herself and confronting Kaycee over all the unnecessarily cruel bashing she did about Amber in her confessionals because those crossed a line. Kaycee keeps denying it and then finally says she'll never trust Amber in this game but doesn't give a reason why, just saying that everything she does is strategic. Despite that, Amber, in tears, says she's still so happy to see Kaycee win. This is just heartbreaking and this poor girl will never be treated right by her Big Brother "allies." Hopefully, she learns from this season and doesn't allow herself to get played by them again.

"Pizza-gate" is brought up again, and while everyone jokes about who ate Amber's pizza, it's revealed that someone ate Priscilla's pizza that night, so Priscilla ate Amber's pizza, and that set off the whole chain of events that led to Fessy getting kicked off the show. Thank god this "mystery" has finally been solved. This was nowhere near as fun as Marie's "you want a pizza me?" with Brad and Britni!

The Devin vs. Tori fight is also brought up, and she explains how she wanted Amanda to lose that daily challenge because her feelings were hurt and her ego took over, and her friends on Emerald were just collateral damage. Amanda says that shows Tori's true colors but Josh and Devin are quick to point out that Amanda isn't innocent because she stole Tori's spot on Emerald, which caused this whole thing to happen. Tori says Amanda isn't "a real competitor" because she never does anything on the field, and Nelson reveals Amanda offered to sabotage Emerald to help him on Ruby anyways, which is exactly what all the guys are mad at Tori for doing. Basically, Tori and Amanda had the same plan to sabotage Emerald and somehow Amanda thinks Tori is wrong for doing it but she isn't. She also keeps dragging Tori for helping Emanuel during his elimination against Devin, and even though Tori keeps apologizing and Devin says they're good, Amanda keeps trying to stir up trouble for Tori anyways.

When Maria asks Amanda what her problem with Tori is, she doesn't have a real answer other than she thinks Tori is always friends with different people each season and isn't consistent. But Tori says people are allowed to grow and change. When Emanuel tries to support Tori, Amanda jumps down his throat, accusing him of trying to get a "callback" for next season, never letting him get a full word out. So it's safe to say Amanda and Emanuel are not friends. Tori's just over all this negativity and Amanda thrives in it, so it's left there. But backstage Amanda keeps trying to talk at people like Josh even though he just repeats he's not going to argue with her. Everyone's over it but she keeps trying to start new fights.

Other friendships that are still rocky are Big T and CT (she's not a fan of how CT talked about her in his interviews and she doesn't want to be patronized by his "cheerleading," while he had no idea what they were talking about); Tacha and Esther (Esther didn't retweet Tacha's story on Instagram ... which is apparently breaking some cardinal Challenge rule of friendship?); and Josh and Cory (because Josh saved rookie Logan and targeted Cory despite the vet alliance, even after everyone was mad at Cory for siding with rookies earlier).

Phew, got all that? The long, exhausting reunion thankfully ends on a hilarious note when Tacha reveals she has a crush on TJ, and then he video calls in as a surprise to thank her — and warns everyone to be ready for next season. He also hilariously makes fun of Josh, Kyle, and Devin for never shutting up during challenges, which tracks. Then Emy performs her single "Alien" that she wrote during this season while the cast dances around her in alien t-shirts. And with that, The Challenge: Spies, Lies, and Allies is officially over! Thanks for sticking around with me this season, and now let's redirect all our focus to the final few episodes of All Stars 2 — because we deserve it.

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