From the fights to the tears, here's what went down in the second part of the reunion.

After 21 episodes, The Challenge: Ride or Dies has finally reached the end of the road. Part 2 of the reunion rehashed fights, hookups, and more as season 38's cast gathered in London with host Maria Menounos. Below, EW recaps the biggest and most shocking moments from the second half of the reunion.

No one feels badly for rooting against Turbo early on in the season, and everyone is very relieved to hear that while he was supposed to be at the reunion, something came up last minute that prevented him from joining. But he sent in a heavily-edited video where he insults Devin, Tori, Jordan, Nelson, Laurel, Bananas, Nany, Fessy, and anyone who "cheated" by sabotaging him during his elimination loss. He promises to be back to get his revenge someday. Tori loves the video, but it definitely rubs Nany the wrong way hearing Turbo call her "cheap" since she says she helped him win War of the Worlds as his partner for the majority of the season.

Moriah reveals she stayed silent a lot in the house out of loyalty to Fessy, but now that she's seen the way he talked about her behind her back, she's ready to let it all fly. She says she doesn't like Aneesa because of the way Aneesa had treated her all season, and how she heard Aneesa saying she had to "sleep with someone" (a.k.a. Bananas) to be safe in the game. Aneesa fires back that she's nice to everyone and "not a b----," but Moriah just says, "Debatable." They get into a heated fight that goes nowhere. These two are clearly not going to be friends moving forward.

Fessy's shady tweets and treatment of Moriah get brought up, and he tries to deny he said "not my partner, not my problem" when Moriah got sick — but Nurys calls him out because he said that verbatim to her. He then backtracks and says it was just a joke, but Nurys stands strong and says it was a serious comment. Fessy then gives a lazy non-apology ("I'm sorry if you felt like I disrespected you") that he clearly doesn't mean, and nothing gets resolved.

When Michele tries to explain why she was so hurt by Nany nominating her for Interrogation earlier in the season, Nany actually interrupts her to take over because she's upset that Michele's been getting so much heat for her emotional response in the moment. Nany reveals that she and Michele had connected prior to the season over dealing with grief and loss and things outside of the game, but she had become numb to anyone else's emotions in the game which is why she came off so cold in that episode. And then Michele says she was also having her own meltdown, which is why she wasn't behaving rationally. They both regret it and reveal they're good now.

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Back to the Tori and Jordan saga! Jordan says walking into this season knowing Tori would be there was the scariest moment of his Challenge career. Then Tori breaks down in tears talking about how grateful she is to have had this experience with Jordan this season because it forced them to finally face their issues with each other post-breakup. Meanwhile, Nurys regrets how she hurt Tori by being with Jordan in front of her, but Tori says they're good now. Nurys reveals she and Jordan are just friends.

"Messy Fessy" gets exposed again for flirting with basically every woman this season, and he claims he just gets to know women without "pressuring" them to make it into something more. But Michele says that just hurts feelings even more because it's confusing, and Fessy still hasn't learned a thing.

Horacio reveals the "girl back home" that caused Laurel to back off only lasted three weeks because it was long distance. And then Laurel reveals she and Horacio have seen each other since the show ended, but they both don't know if they're ready for something more with each other. To be continued!

Nurys admits she and Johnny (not Bananas) were together the night before the reunion, even though she still has him blocked on all social media. Ravyn rolls her eyes during this segment because she still hasn't gotten any closure, but why does she keep taking it out on Nurys?

As for Olivia and Nelson, he says that Olivia needs to be the one to answer about where their relationship is at now. She says she needed the time after he was eliminated to heal from past relationships and then her face injury, and she pushed him away to focus on herself. Nelson says that Olivia just "forgot" about him, and her friends judged his past, and he doesn't know where they stand now. Olivia says Aneesa and Tori helped her realize it's okay to be alone, but Nelson says he still expected them to be friends. Olivia then fires back that he's the one who blocked her, and she is sorry for how everything went down. Once again, nothing gets truly resolved here. During a break, cameras catch Nelson and Olivia talking more where it's clear that Olivia is not interested in a relationship with Nelson, and Nelson is hurt by that.

Nelson's new friendship with Fessy gets brought up, and Fessy says that they've become friends outside of the game, which is why Nelson didn't get revenge on him this season. Nelson says he's trying to be a man of forgiveness instead of revenge, because he thinks that shows growth. Nurys was skeptical of Fessy's loyalty, but says he proved it to her. A lot of the cast praise Nelson as a "legend" for how great of a friend he is in the game, even when it's not the "smartest" way to play, but Nelson admits it's why he's not a champ yet. So he's aware of that, but doesn't think he needs to change his strategy? Oh, Nelly T — you really will never learn.

Jordan fails to pull the safe dagger so he has to say if he hooked up with Laurel recently. He says they haven't hooked up in the past year, and Laurel admits whatever happened when she visited him was "over a year ago" and she has respect for Jordan and Tori's history. Tori reveals Jordan told her about it "in confidence" and she only talked about it on a podcast because she was feeling petty at the time, but they're all good now.

Chauncey fails to pull the safe dagger and has to own up to saying that women this season were "fake" because of how they talked about Amber behind her back. Then Nurys says that someone lied to Chauncey about a group chat existing where they were allegedly talking s--- about Amber, but Amber says a woman told her about it in confidence and she's not going to throw that person under the bus. Nurys rolls her eyes and is clearly pissed about that, so it's either true and Nurys is upset she got exposed, or it's not true and someone is trying to cause drama. We don't learn which it is.

Things take a serious turn, however, when Amber tearfully reveals she was recently diagnosed as autistic, and is sharing that for the first time outside of her family and Chauncey. It's why she's always struggled in social settings, and has taken medication for depression and had such a hard time dealing with the pressures of being on this show. She breaks down while talking about how she really needed help after this season, and is starting to understand why she camouflages herself to fit in. She says she wishes she knew this about herself sooner in life, and when she can't talk anymore because she's crying too hard, Nany and Bananas jump in to comfort her, and a lot of other cast members tell Amber they love her, too. It's a far cry from how they've all treated her in the past! It's clear some of them are starting to feel really guilty for calling her "fake" and bullying her on and off the show, because they now realize that all stems from her diagnosis. Major props to Amber for talking about this publicly and bringing awareness to neurodivergent issues — hopefully this causes the other players to treat her better moving forward.

The reunion ends with two funny moments — Bananas calls out Nelson and Olivia for having sex on top of Fessy's fur jacket, and Nelson says "no comment, but great night." And then a clip is shown of Chauncey in a bar during a night out this season swinging his hips and ripping off his tank top, so he gives an encore performance with a lap dance for Amber onstage.

And with that, The Challenge: Ride or Dies is finally over!

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