From the fights to the tears, here's what went down in the first part of the reunion.
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The Challenge: Ride or Dies competition may be over, but the drama sure isn't.

Most of season 38's cast gathered in London to film the reunion, and even though some time had passed since Tori and Devin were crowned champions at the end of the 100-hour final, the passion was still at an all time high as host Maria Menounos got the players to rehash the biggest fights, hookups, and more. Below, EW recaps all the biggest and most shocking moments from Part 1 of the reunion.

Amber officially announces her pregnancy at the start of the reunion, and stands up to show off her baby bump. Nany immediately gets up to hug her along with some other cast members who do appear genuinely shocked — although fans have known for weeks since Amber announced her pregnancy on social media. Looks like Amber was actually hiding it from everyone before this moment onstage.

When talking about how they worked together as a team, both Jordan and Aneesa claim that Jordan's "motivation techniques" never crossed the line — yes, even in the final. "You weren't mean to me," Aneesa says, and Jordan responds, "There's a difference in berating someone like, 'You're so slow.' No, everything was, stop being negative, we're being positive. I'm passionate. And I know she can do it."

Johnny (not Bananas) tries to claim he and Ravyn weren't together prior to filming the season and that he wasn't leading her on, but she calls him out for lying while everyone laughs at him. "This dude saw my titties, yo," Ravyn says, and he finally confirms they have kissed after trying to say they had never kissed in the past. Then Nurys tries to grill Ravyn about how she tried "connecting" with Johnny as partners during the season and they get into a fight while Ravyn starts to cry about how she felt alone and unsupported in the house. Nurys and Nelson both say that Ravyn is "lying to herself" about Johnny, and Nurys reveals she and Johnny have hooked up since the season ended (and she told him about what happened with Jordan after he left). Ravyn makes a side comment about how Nurys has been with three men at the reunion, but is immediately shut down by Nurys and Aneesa for the slut shaming.

The Challenge @TheChallenge · 7h "You can't say trust Imma hold up the deal and then not hold it up?!" 🤷‍♀️ Tori and Jordan are rehashing their BIGGEST fight of the season during Part 1️⃣ of #TheChallenge38 reunion tonight at 8p on @MTV ! 🔥
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Fessy can't decide between Laurel and Michele for hooking up or being their ride or die in a Challenge edition of F--- Marry Kill, so Laurel says he's clearly not "the decision maker" like he claims his name Faysal means. It was a great burn — perfectly timed and delivered.

Bananas and Moriah are still "talking" to each other, but Veronica thinks Bananas is using Moriah rather than how everyone else thinks it's the other way around. She also alludes to seeing Bananas do something wrong after Dirty 30 ended when he had a girlfriend at the time, but doesn't go into specifics. Hmmm.

To no one's surprise, Michele and Laurel still aren't friends — Laurel thinks Michele is terrified of her, but Michele says Laurel has already admitted (on Bananas' podcast) that her energy towards her changed in the house. And then Jakk calls Jay fake for offering to take photos of him for social media after the season ended, so their friendship hasn't been mended either. But Michele says she's working on being a more powerful version of herself and admits she should have taken more ownership of her decisions this season, which gets a round of applause from the whole cast.

Jordan apologizes to Tori for going back on his word on voting Fessy into elimination, but doesn't deny the feelings that came up when she had tried to strong arm him. They then get into another fight about it, and it ends with Jordan saying he feels "like s---" for the decision he made, apologizes again to both Tori and Fessy, but says he is just explaining why he did it. And Tori admits she never should have made that deal to begin with and just let the game play out the way it was meant to.

Moriah says Fessy is only her friend when it's convenient for him, and he doesn't deny it. He also reveals he slid in her DMs a lot and she didn't answer until he became verified after he went on Big Brother. She explains that's only because she had a boyfriend until then, and she's loyal. But yeah, these two are not and have never been real ride or dies, and that's not going to change.

After watching a clip of her gruesome injury during the final, Olivia reveals if the golf ball hit her a few centimeters to the right or left, she could have lost an eye or even died. Instead, she broke her face in five places (ouch). Horacio breaks down in tears while talking about how their season ended, but they get applause while talking about how they're both ready to return for another shot.

Devin and Tori pull the safe dagger onstage and don't have to answer a fan question about whether or not they threw challenges in the beginning of the season to avoid making any enemies. But we can all guess the answer.

Menounos can't ask Nany about losing her mom without breaking down in tears herself because she lost her own mother around the same time. Nany says she felt guilty for taking Kaycee's experience away from her this season since she had been focusing on Nany's wellbeing and not the game, but Kaycee says she knows Nany would do the same for her.

When debating whether or not it's cheating to help players in eliminations from the sidelines, Jordan says it's not, but Michele says it's a different situation when they help a team win by sabotaging another one from the sidelines. The reunion ends on a cliffhanger when Turbo video calls in to share his opinion... and no one is happy about that.

Part 2 of The Challenge: Ride or Dies reunion airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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