Who was eliminated in episode 8, "A Muddy Matter?"

By Sydney Bucksbaum
February 03, 2021 at 09:30 PM EST

Jay faced the consequences of Theresa's actions last week on The Challenge: Double Agents, but this week, CT faced the wrath of a horribly structured daily challenge. He's mad about it, I'm mad about it, and if you're not mad about it, then you're not watching the same show I am. Let's get into it, shall we?

Right now, Kam's in a pretty great spot — she's got her gold skull, her boyfriend/No. 1 ally Leroy has his skull, and her own partner Kyle has a skull. All they need to do is stay out of eliminations and they're a lock for the final. But with the available male gold skulls dwindling down to one, Leroy is most likely going to have to battle to keep his. It's a precarious position right now.

Meanwhile, Lolo is finally realizing the only way she's going to get a shot at her gold skull is if she and Nam win a daily challenge and choose to go into elimination themselves because no one else is going to hand her that opportunity on a silver platter (because her running abilities would kill in a final). But her refusal to work with Nam and stop arguing with him about everything isn't going to earn them any wins. CT tries to give them advice on putting their differences aside because if they actually worked together they'd be "the scariest people in the house." He's not wrong, but can Lolo be enough of a team player to see that happen? After seeing her meltdowns on Champs vs. Pros, I just don't think so.

As for the guys, they're already scheming on how to have Josh somehow "get lucky" against Fessy in an elimination, and then anyone can go against Josh to steal his skull because he absolutely sucks in eliminations. He's literally never won one! And his constant assurances that he's "never been more ready" are pretty telling that he's still as scared as ever. So that's putting a lot of faith in luck to make that plan work out. But no one wants Fessy in this game anymore, so it's a risk they're all willing to take.

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The Challenge: All Brawl

With a name that's a riff on Hall Brawl, you know this is going to get physical. Played five at a time, players run and jump into a large mud pit and search for the "iconic Challenge relic," a.k.a. the metal X. Whoever gets the X and makes it out of the pit and across the finish line wins the heat. The winners of each round will then move on to the mysterious Phase 2.

In the first heat — Aneesa, Big T, Kam, Lolo, and Nany — Lolo is the first to make it to the pit, but it becomes a long wait as everyone searches for the X in the cold, muddy water. Kyle tries to screw over Nany by yelling that she has it, but that doesn't work. But when Nany finally does find the X, she screams and alerts everyone that she's got it, which is the absolute wrong move since she ends up immediately falling with four girls jumping on her back. After a scrap in the mud, Nany throws the X and Kam catches it, running across the finish line. But then Lolo starts making a scene about how Aneesa "choked" her, and starts yelling at her and getting super aggressive even though this was a physical elimination and sometimes accidents happen. You're going to get choked and tackled! You were doing that too, girl. She's totally going to keep harping on this, isn't she? Ugh.

In the second heat — Fessy, Josh, Kyle, Mechie, and Nam — Josh and Fessy decide to team up, but Nam actually finds the X first and does the exact opposite of what Nany did. He pretends like he didn't find it, waits until he's got a clear shot at the finish line, and springs out of the mud pit and wins. But Lolo isn't shown cheering for her partner, which is pretty poor sportsmanship if you ask me!

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In the third heat — Amber B., Amber M., Gabby, Kaycee, and Theresa — Theresa finds the X but her poker face is crap so the other girls catch on quickly. They pile on top of her and somehow Gabby gets ahold of the X and crosses the finish line.

And in the fourth heat — Cory, CT, Darrell, Devin, and Leroy — CT waddles around for a while without looking concerned, and it's because he's got the X on his feet. He sprints out of the pit and makes it to the finish line easily.

TJ then announces that the next phase of the challenge is just the winners going against each other, so that means CT vs. Nam and Gabby vs. Kam to determine the winners... of this phase. That's right, there's a third phase! For the second, it's basically Pole Wrestle; whoever hangs onto the X the longest and makes it out of the pit wins. CT pins Nam down in the mud for most of their battle, and finally frees the X and wins the round. For Kam vs. Gabby, Kam gets the win against the rookie pretty quickly (no surprises there).

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So what's the final, sudden death round? TJ announces it's played with their partners, so CT's look of despair feels appropriate. It'll be CT vs. Kyle, and Kam's going against Big T in one of the most physically demanding challenges yet. And no team wins until each partner wins (TJ says, "We'll be here all night if we have to.") It's not looking good for Team Big CT, because there's no way Big T can beat Kam in something that's all pure strength and endurance, of which she has none. That's why CT is so upset; he knows he's fighting a losing battle: "We know she's not going to beat Kam, so what, I just keep wrestling Kyle for no f---ing reason, hoping that Kam lets her win? I don't even think I could beat Kam. What the f---? There's no f---ing point!" Sweet, sweet Big T keeps trying to be optimistic but CT has no patience for that right now. He's already fought so hard in this daily challenge, and now it's out of his hands. I'd be frustrated too! Why can't it be best of three rounds, like all the other pole wrestle eliminations throughout this entire franchise?!

And things play out pretty predictably. Kam wins the first round, and Kyle gets the second, so the sudden death ends quickly. Kyle thinks he won fair and square against CT in a pole wrestle and is really proud of himself, but CT says this in his talking head interview: "Kyle, settle down. Don't get too carried away, okay? Because next time it might be for real." Do we believe CT or is he saving face?

.... yeah, we believe CT. Come on, it's CT in pole wrestle! There's no way Kyle could have won that fast against CT in freaking pole wrestle. Ugh. And CT was doing so well, too! The structure of this daily challenge just straight up sucks and only played to the advantage of teams with two strong members.

Back at the house, Lolo won't stop complaining to anyone she sees about Aneesa choking her in the challenge and it's annoying everyone. Meanwhile, Kyle and Kam have a meeting to discuss whether they're going to use their Double Agent power for good or evil, and I really hope they go for the evil option of screwing over Fessy. But first, let's go to Club COVID! Big T apologizes to CT for losing in the challenge, and he tells her if they both get skulls, he'll ride this season to the end with her. It's a sweet sentiment! Meanwhile, Kyle does major campaigning to make Fessy and Aneesa the house vote. Did it work?

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Amber and Mechie kick things off by announcing that they do not want to go into elimination, and CT gets the whole house laughing at that since, hello, that is not how this show works! But Aneesa is shook at hearing that her name's being floated around too. Amber B. ends up voting for her BFF Amber M., and Amber M. asks Kyle and Kam to let her know if Amber B. voted for her. Drama, drama, drama!

After voting, Kyle and Kam learn who the compromised agents are — but we don't! This is the first time we aren't shown any information, and that makes me think it's going to be a Fessy/Aneesa blindside. Please let it be a Fessy/Aneesa blindside! Meanwhile, Aneesa tries to mend fences with Lolo about the "choking" incident and it seems to go over well. I hope we never have to hear about this ever again. Wouldn't that be nice?

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Walking into The Crater, the setup is the same as the Tori vs. Aneesa elimination earlier this season so it won't be a physical battle. And the compromised agents are revealed to be Amber M. and Mechie, so I really don't know why we were led to believe it was going to be some crazy blindside twist like Fessy and Aneesa. That was... really stupid editing. What a letdown! Kyle and Kam send in Nany and Josh to go against Amber M. and Mechie, and it's revealed to be a male elimination, so Josh might finally get his first win.

Elimination challenge: Asset Destruction 2. Only now the crates and bombs are heavier and there's a puzzle to solve first that shows which targets they need to hit.

Josh gets his puzzle solved first (and apparently very fast), and tips over his crate while Mechie struggles with his puzzle. But Josh can't hit his targets. Like, at all. It's hilarious and totally expected to see him utterly fail at an elimination, even when he's basically being handed a win. Even TJ can't stop laughing at him. Finally, Josh gets his first target hit, and from there, it's over. Mechie just can't solve this puzzle, and Josh gets his first elimination win.

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But if we're being brutally honest (sorry Mechie!), he shouldn't be all that proud of this win. That was such a boring and non-competitive elimination. But he immediately starts running his mouth like he just won the entire season. Bro, you've still got a long way to go before you can talk that kind of trash.

So where does this leave us, guys? Josh now has the last gold skull for the men — which means all the other guys will have to challenge those who already have a skull to get one now. And Josh stays with Nany as his partner, so Amber M. is now a rogue agent.

Challenger of the week: CT for getting sabotaged by this game yet again. Never forget that elimination DQ against Brad because of a stupid carabiner in The Duel, winning the Gauntlet 3 final but having the win taken away because Big Easy was medically DQed, getting purged and not even getting to compete to save his fate while being partnered with Veronica on Final Reckoning, and being double-teamed in the War of the Worlds elimination. Can The Challenge please stop sabotaging this man? He's been through enough at this point!

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