It's another hour and a half of hashing out all the fights, unaired hookups, and more from season 36.
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Warning: This article contains spoilers about Wednesday's reunion episode of The Challenge: Double Agents.

Are you ready for another hour and a half of rehashing all the drama from The Challenge: Double Agents? CT and Amber B. have already been crowned champions of season 36, and last week saw most of the cast gather for part 1 of a socially distanced reunion. This week continued to break down all the biggest fights, unseen hookups, and more, so here are all the biggest moments from part 2 of the reunion.

Fessy just can't stop being Fessy

Even after all the messy Fessy drama from part 1 of the reunion, part 2 still has even more to unpack with this guy, and he just keeps making things worse. This week's episode begins with Fessy's betrayal of Nelson early on in the season, and Nelson reveals he actually called Fessy before Double Agents began to put all their past issues aside and form a strong alliance, which Fessy clearly did not stick to. There also was some drama in the off-season when Fessy agreed to go in on some business deal with Nelson and then backed out almost immediately. And then after this season ended, Fessy didn't reach out to Nelson to apologize until Nelson's birthday, and he did it in a text that was like an "essay," according to Nelson.

"You didn't have the balls to pick up the phone and even call me and let me know how you felt," Nelson says. And Fessy refuses to own up to how he royally screwed Nelson. At least Tori owns up to making a terrible decision by voting Fessy in instead of Josh (to her credit, she makes a lot of bad decisions but always takes responsibility afterward). After everyone points out how Nelson is a loyal friend and Fessy clearly shouldn't be held to the same high standards, Fessy finally admits he pulled a selfish move. But then he says that Nelson is playing "the victim card," so he's really not sorry at all. Fessy is trash, and he proves it over and over again. Josh tries to stick up for him, but everyone else rakes Fessy over the coals, as they should.

Moving on to Fessy's comments about CT not being the "top dog" anymore (LOL), Fessy reveals he had only seen War of the Worlds and War of the Worlds 2 before coming onto his first season (rookie mistake). So all his comments were baseless because he hadn't even seen CT's entire history. "I ate my words on that one, obviously," Fessy says. Damn straight! I'm living for Cory serving up facts to Fessy about how he needs to learn to be more humble, even though it's not getting through to Fessy at all. It does show off just how mature Cory has become since his early days on the show. All the vets try to make Fessy see that he'd be such a better player if he got some humility, but he ends the conversation by saying he's still the man. It's like talking to a brick wall. And everyone is so tired of it. Including me!

Fessy even tries to get the last word of the reunion by issuing a blanket apology if he "hurt anyone's feelings" because sometimes the competition gets the best of him, but thanks everyone for helping him grow. But actions speak louder than words, and we'll see if he follows through next season (he won't, though, because — say it with me! — Fessy. Is. Trash!).

Josh vs. CT

Josh getting up and awkwardly walking out when footage plays of his late-night kitchen blowup with CT is hilarious. Especially since Josh had said that Kaycee was crying when she was literally smiling and laughing about the whole thing. That blowup was so stupid and all for nothing. Just blame The Goof.

Leroy and Kam's betrayal

Kyle is still pissed at Leroy and Kam for making a deal with him to vote for Fessy and promising that Kam would throw her own partner, Cory, into elimination instead of Kyle. The fact that they both went back on their word still upsets Kyle because people always blame their bad actions on Kyle's past as a messy player. But Leroy and Kam both own up to making a mistake with that deal and apologize. And even though it doesn't fix the issue, all parties involved are laughing and joking about it, so there's no major beef here.

The Challenge: Double Agents reunion? Credit: MTV.
'The Challenge: Double Agents' reunion
| Credit: MTV

The battle of the rookies

Meanwhile, Amber M. is still mad at Amber B. for lying to her about voting for her and just generally not being honest to people all season. Amber B. does apologize for lying but says she wasn't working with Amber M., so she doesn't regret her moves. And Amber B. is mad at Amber M. for how she attacked "her character" after the season ended. And she adds, in tears, that she was struggling when she came into the house at the beginning of the season and did what she had to do to win. But Gabby says Amber B.'s tears are just for show, and Big T says Amber B.'s "loyalty" wasn't really loyalty at all. Amber B. finally says she just wanted to listen to her partner Darrell's advice on how to win, and that's what she did all season and has no regrets other than lying to people she didn't need to lie to. Now that's growth!

"Toxic" Theresa and Jay

Jay gets a lot of heat for going along with Theresa's shady game moves this season, especially since it ended up ruining all his alliances. Cory points out how Jay's moves worked short-term but screwed him over long-term, earning him a lot of new enemies. And then it comes out that Jay contacted pretty much everyone on the cast before the season to make alliances with everyone, so he gets exposed for all his shadiness. And Cory says now he won't trust anyone from Survivor moving forward. Yikes!

And even though Theresa isn't at the reunion, everyone calls her out for talking s--- on Twitter about them being boring, adding that she was actually the most boring person in the house. And Nany was surprised by how much Theresa let the pettiness of the game get to her. "I feel like she's worse now than she was then," Nany says, explaining that she had wrongly assumed Theresa would be more mature this season after becoming a mom and being out of the game for seven seasons. So there's no love lost there.

Nelson's "toy"

Apparently, Nelson brought a sex toy into the house this season because "everyone gets sexually frustrated!" And apparently, "people had some fun with it" after Nelson left! "I would like that back," he says while everyone laughs. Wow. I don't actually want to know any more information about this, and thankfully everyone moves on pretty quickly.

Secret hookups

But speaking of sex! While this season really didn't focus on any hookups (like apparently Amber M. and Mechie had a whole relationship that was cut from airing), that doesn't mean they didn't happen. So we get to see some unaired footage showing Ashley and Fessy hiding under a jacket and making out, plus Aneesa and Big T, Aneesa and Amber M., and Big T and Ashley drunkenly making out. Ashley says she and Big T actually got married in the house and made out a lot throughout the season. And Devin sang a song he wrote about Amber M. and Mechie's "partner love" they shared all season.

Leroy's retirement

And now for the most important reveal of the entire reunion: Leroy's plans to retire from The Challenge are still sticking, "one million percent," he says. But thankfully, Kam says his decision to retire doesn't mean you won't see her again on the show.

And with that, The Challenge season 36 is officially over! But don't worry, we still have the rest of The Challenge: All Stars to keep us entertained until season 37 airs. And that's a full season without Fessy, so it's already a win in my book.

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