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Warning: This article contains spoilers about Wednesday's reunion episode of The Challenge: Double Agents.

The race for first place may be over, but The Challenge: Double Agents is nowhere near done delivering the drama. After CT and Amber B. were crowned champions of season 36, most of the cast gathered for a socially distanced reunion to hash out all the fights, hookups, and more that went down in Iceland, both on camera and off. Here are all the biggest moments from part 1 of the reunion.

Fessy, Fessy, Fessy

Fessy is the center of attention for most of the first reunion episode, which he probably loved even though it was all negative. He's first brought up when Aneesa explains that she picked him as her partner because, like her, he had won the first daily challenge, and she thought he was "fearless" and a good athlete. But he's still upset that she picked him because apparently, he was "the only one" who didn't have any power in picking a partner for the season. He really just can't stop complaining.

Then when host Vernon Davis asks Fessy why he quit in the final, he says he's "offended" that anyone would think he gave up (even though he did). He keeps making excuses about how Kaycee couldn't continue, and there was no reason for him to eat anymore. And amazingly, Vernon points out that Fessy didn't eat in the earlier daily challenge either. Fessy gets flustered and asks to be put in an eating challenge next season so he can prove what he can do. The entire cast laughing at him in this moment is maybe my favorite part of the entire season — or at least a close second to CT getting his fourth win. It's a close race. Fessy refusing to eat is brought up again later in the episode, and even though Nany admits she told Fessy not to win that daily challenge, it wasn't the reason why he didn't eat — he just can't eat gross things. And it's why he's a bad partner.

Then a video from Fessy's personal Instagram is played where he brags about how no one in the history of The Challenge could beat him in a one-on-one physical elimination, citing his 3-0 record as proof. Devin calls him out for finishing last in both finals he's been in, and CT gives off a "f--- Fessy," but also adds that Fessy should get some credit for what he's done so far. I just think CT is being political here because Fessy hasn't accomplished s---.

And Fessy apparently tweeted and deleted that Amber M. is a layup, which sets her off. "I was just trying to say how it was," Fessy says. And Amber M. says that Fessy was "up Tori's ass all season." Tori says she didn't know Fessy was into her until he got drunk and called her "beautiful" one night during the season. And she reveals that after her engagement to Jordan ended, "maybe I popped off in Turks and Caicos" with Fessy in response to the photos that came out of their vacation together. But she says they're just friends now and are not dating. And Aneesa says she wanted to "f--- Fessy" during the season, but he said if they were partners, they couldn't. She did walk in on Fessy in the shower, though, and she says she was "invited."

When Gabby videos in, she and Fessy reveal they had a phone conversation after the season ended, but that's it. Gabby is with a new boyfriend now, and Fessy calls him a "half a man" and then denies he just called him "half a man." He's trying to call Gabby's new guy short. Fessy is such trash.

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The Challenge: Double Agents
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CT's fatherly figure

From dad bod to fatherly figure! CT's looking better than ever at the reunion, with a bunch of his castmates pointing out how much more in shape he's gotten after the season ended. He reveals he had a "midlife breakthrough" rather than a midlife crisis and dealt with some underlying issues he'd been avoiding. And his marriage is in a better spot now than it was when he left for Double Agents. He cites COVID and the quarantine as putting a strain on their relationship, making it feel like they were living in a Challenge house, which practically guarantees disaster.

There's also some sweet conversation between CT and Big T (streaming in from the U.K.) where he apologizes for how he treated her this season, and she says she's so proud of him for winning in the final. She even taught him some phrases in the language spoken in Malawi! They've gotten over their issues and clearly have a bond for life after everything they accomplished together this season.

Kaycee's injury

If Kaycee looked like she was in a ton of pain after going down in the final, it's because she was. It turns out she suffered a rare injury and tore her patellar tendon. It took surgery to fix it, but she's fine now.

The Big Brother alliance

When the host asks Devin why he hated the "Big Brother alliance" so much this season, he says it was because he saw a bunch of people who thought they in an alliance but were really on the outside of Josh, Kaycee, and Fessy's bond. Seconds earlier, Josh proved his point when he said the real Big Brother alliance is indeed only that trio. Amber B.'s reaction to being left out speaks volumes.

But in a shocking twist, Josh reveals (with photo evidence!) that after he and Devin were booted in the same episode, they actually went on vacation together and had a great time. Josh still stands behind hating who Devin is in a Challenge house, but this is a wild turn of events that no one saw coming — not even Josh and Devin!

Leroy and Kam

The power couple of the season is in a great place with their relationship. It's even making Nany cry. Footage is shown of Leroy disrespecting Kam at the War of the Worlds reunion (it's so hard to watch his comments about her from that time) but the way he talks about how much he's learned since then, and how Kam has shown him how to love, is enough to melt even the most cynical heart. Their love story is one of the most iconic Challenge relationships of all time.

Millionaire Mitchell

Ashley comes into the reunion about halfway through and gets into a screaming match with Nelson (who streamed in virtually) about him calling her fake and a snake behind her back. She says he's still mad at her for when she stole the winnings from her partner in Final Reckoning, but she's never done anything bad to Nelson or anyone else, and he acts fake nice to her. "Y'all say I'm a snake, show me the goddamn tape!" she says. Nany and Kam both stick up for Ashley, saying people use her big Final Reckoning move as an excuse for calling her shady; it's just a cop-out, and she's actually really loyal. It's clearly been taking a toll on Ashley, constantly feeling paranoid about how these people treat her only to be proven right when she watches their interviews in every episode. Nelson finally apologizes to Ashley.

The people vs. Tori

First, Tori and Devin get into a little fight about who took the first shot at whom this season, but it's not heated. Things are smoothed over with them moving forward. Things get tenser when Amber M. joins the reunion to talk about how Tori and Aneesa were like mean girls in how they treated the rookie girls this season, and Amber B. agrees, saying she felt that from Aneesa, too. Big T says she's good with Tori after blindsiding her, but she's scared of Tori coming after her in a future season. But Tori says she leaves everything that happens in a Challenge season in that Challenge season. Tori apologized to Amber M. over DMs and again in person at the reunion, but the jury is still out on if Amber M. accepts it.

Next week: Fessy vs. CT! Fessy vs. Nelson! Fessy vs. everyone!

The Challenge: Double Agents reunion part 2 airs Wednesday, May 5 on MTV.

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