Who was the last player eliminated before the final in episode 17, "True Lies?"

By Sydney Bucksbaum
April 07, 2021 at 10:12 PM EDT

The Challenge: Double Agents might just be the longest season of The Challenge ever. It took 17 episodes — most of them double the usual length! — before we finally found out which four teams made the final. And since last week's episode was the final female elimination, this week is the final male elimination. Let's find out who made TJ's ever-elusive final this time around, shall we?

Back at the house, Nany's so excited to be back with Kyle, but he's clearly not as happy about the way things played out. Nany's laughing at Kyle like he's joking, but he's actually serious. It's nothing about Nany, but Kyle knows he's going to be sent into the elimination if he doesn't win the next challenge, whereas CT was given a free ride at the most important moment of the season. I also don't really understand Nany's reasoning for picking Kyle because we didn't see them work all that well together when they were partnered up before. But then again, I never really understand where Nany's strategy comes from.

Meanwhile, Kam and Leroy have a romantic afternoon in the hot tub, talking about how they're about to move in together and start the next stage of their lives. And Leroy reveals that while the audience knows this is his last season, no one else in the house does except Kam. I'm getting worried with all this build-up that something bad is about to happen with Leroy's game. This feels too happy and perfect.

And here comes TJ to ruin the mood with a 5:30 a.m. wake-up call, telling everyone he needs one person from each team to leave with him. Most of the teams discuss who will go, but Fessy just tells Amber B. he's going for them. It hasn't even been 12 hours, and she's already regretting her decision to partner up with him. Real talk, have any of Fessy's (many) partners this season actually liked working with him? That's a hard no! Hmm, I wonder what the common denominator is there ...

The Challenge
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The Challenge: Mission Escape the Volcano

Even though every team had the same choice, all the men end up going, and all the women stay behind (along with CT, who's rogue). And when the ladies arrive at the challenge, TJ reveals their partners have been captured and are being held 500 feet below the surface in a frozen volcano. It's up to them to find and rescue their partners, meaning all the guys' fates are now in the women's hands. If that isn't some kind of poetry on the last male elimination before the final, I don't know what is! I'm cackling at Fessy's dour expression when he realizes he just put his entire game into Amber B.'s hands. And it's his own damn fault!

This daily is essentially a mini final, with the women having to race across five miles and complete mental checkpoints (a.k.a. math equations) along the way. Once they reach the volcano, they'll descend all the way down, get their partner, and race back and complete a puzzle at the end together. This challenge will showcase how these four women will fare in the final, and the guys just have to stand around with their hands literally tied the entire time. Fessy is pissed.

All the ladies reach the first checkpoint simultaneously, and Kaycee and Amber B. are shook by the math problems while Kam does it all in her head, immediately and accurately. Kam takes off while the remaining three struggle with the math. Nany eventually gets hers right and continues on. Kaycee finally solves hers as Kam extends her lead, solving the second checkpoint before anyone else even arrives. Nany and Kaycee finish the second checkpoint while Amber B. still can't get her first and starts to completely freak out.

The Challenge
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Kam gets to the guys first, with Nany next and Kaycee right behind her. And as the guys get more information about how the women are doing, Fessy just gets madder and madder, complaining about how he's "been getting f---ed all season," and when Kyle points out that he's actually been pretty much protected all season, Fessy adds, "Yeah, protected by an anchor." He never has anything good to say about anyone he's been partnered with. And he keeps on complaining even as the other guys ignore his whining and trying to focus on the challenge. Fessy even says something about how he "can't even compete this season." Okay, Lolo!

It becomes a race back to the start for the other three teams, and Nany gets overtaken by Kaycee and Leroy. But it doesn't even matter, because Kam solves the final puzzle before anyone else makes it back, winning the whole thing for her and Cory. When TJ gives his post-challenge speech, he makes Amber B. and Fessy walk in late just for fun, which really rubs the loss in Fessy's face in such a glorious way.

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Back at the house, Fessy does some intense scrambling to convince Kaycee to vote her own partner Leroy into elimination instead of himself, to save their Big Brother alliance. But why would Kaycee jeopardize her own chances of winning this season by potentially losing the partner she's been dominating with all season long just to help Fessy, supposedly the "new big dog of The Challenge," avoid elimination?! That makes zero sense.

At Club COVID that night, Kaycee tells Fessy that he should go into the elimination against Kyle (not Leroy), and then if he wins, he can steal Kaycee as his partner for the final. And since Fessy's been complaining about his lack of opportunities to "perform" all season, he should have no problem going into the elimination and winning, right? Of course not, because Fessy's super scared. And it's finally coming out.

I love how all the other players are calling him out and exposing his BS while Leroy is casually giving CT a trim in the corner. Fessy gets caught up in his own words, and everyone gleefully points it out. And major props to Kam for raking all the guys over the coals for how they talk about their female partners behind their backs. She's really laying everything out on the table for everyone to see.

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And then Kam turns it around and consoles Amber B., knowing that she needs Amber B.'s vote to save Leroy. And even Cory does some good politicking, trying to convince Fessy that he should volunteer for elimination so he can hopefully win and pick Kaycee as a partner for the final, which Fessy knows would be an upgrade from Amber B.

The next morning, Leroy hatches a plan to get Kyle to vote for Fessy by saying that Kam will throw her own partner (Cory) in, so Kyle won't have to go against him. Kyle agrees and shakes on it. Kam agrees too, and the plan is set.

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I literally can't handle the fact that Fessy actually wrote down a speech that he reads from a piece of paper at the start of the deliberation. Seriously?! Seriously. This guy is such a fool. And all jokes aside, his prepared speech really does sound eerily similar to Lolo's exit speech about being prevented from competing this season, blah blah blah, everything is everyone else's fault and not his, blah blah blah. But then he actually asks to be the house vote, which has everyone celebrating.

Meanwhile, Amber B. tries to say there are no hard feelings but she's emotional and crying and Fessy is rubbing her shoulder which is probably just making it worse. But she's holding her head up high, telling Fessy that she'll do whatever he wants, even if that means giving up her partner, and he somehow gets mad at her for supposedly making this whole thing about her?! I was actually speechless at this point. Each week, Fessy shows an uglier side of himself. This girl is bending over backward to serve his ego and it still isn't good enough for him.

After the vote, Kam and Cory find out Fessy and Amber B. are the compromised agents, sent in by everyone. And Cory keeps talking about how happy he is to be safe and to have Kam as his partner and how much work he did to convince Fessy to volunteer, which is making things very awkward for Kam knowing what she's already agreed to do.

The Challenge
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Walking into The Crater, we once again see those tall, plexiglass walls. Will Fessy finally redeem his pitiful Hall Brawl performance where he resorted to dirty tactics to defeat Nelson, who was half his size?

When it comes to the vote, Kam eventually goes back on her word after hearing how much work Cory did to protect her boyfriend, and she throws in Nany and Kyle instead of Cory and herself. Kyle's pissed, but it's game time.

Elimination challenge: The ultimate headbanger! You know how it goes. But this time, it's best out of five times, not three. Not that we actually get to see five rounds in action...

The Challenge
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In the first round, Fessy knocks Kyle to the ground. And even though Fessy has a free run to his button, he decides to slowly walk over because that's the kind of unsportsmanlike conduct this guy is becoming known for. As they're setting up for the second round, Kyle tries to motion to Cory to tell him to calm his smack talk down a little, and that's when Kyle realizes one of his fingers is bending the completely wrong way. I did not need to see the close-up!

Kyle is in a ton of pain but he's also frantically telling the medics that it doesn't matter and he wants to continue competing. They pop it back the right way and it makes a horrifying sound. He keeps trying to continue on with the elimination but eventually, he's medically disqualified. It's heartbreaking to see him go out because this was the last shot we had to see Fessy go home before the final.

Because that's right — this was, finally, the last elimination before the final! We've made it. The teams shake up one last time after Fessy, of course, chooses Kaycee as his partner (they really do deserve each other), Leroy chooses Nany, and CT is left with Amber B. "Let's f---ing go," TJ tells them. It's final time, baby!

Challenger of the week: Kam for dishing out some much-needed realness and exposing a lot of the ways the men disrespect the women in this game. It's about time!

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