Who was eliminated in episode 15, "Never Say Never Again?"

By Sydney Bucksbaum
March 24, 2021 at 09:30 PM EDT

Iconic vet Darrell was sent home last week on The Challenge: Double Agents and this week, another seasoned veteran gets the boot. But first, everyone jumps out of a plane! They're really making them earn that million-dollar prize this season. Let's get to it!

At this point, everyone's got a gold skull except for Big T, and she's grateful that CT is willing to risk his own game to help her get her skull. But she's also determined to "give him hell," which is an empty threat based on what happens later. Meanwhile, CT and Kyle are both trying to get Big T to go against Aneesa in elimination because she doesn't really have any other option. And CT gives her "Hall Brawl training" by making her mad — "The way you hit? That's why I left you" and "Let's go, layup" — and motivating her to run him down in the hallway while he lands on a mattress. I really do love all these Team Big CT training sequences. I missed this.

Elsewhere in the house, Fessy is off running his mouth about how he thinks "CT is overrated," which is blasphemy and the most idiotic thing I think I have ever heard in the history of The Challenge — and we hear a lot of stupid stuff on this show! Fessy's whole argument is based on the fact that CT hasn't been stolen as a partner this season. And Kyle feeds into it by wondering if CT is actually good at this game or if he has an angel on his shoulder who helps him stick around every season. I'm actually losing brain cells listening to this conversation, and I'm ready for CT to "CHOO CHOO" both of these boneheads to prove why he is one of The Challenge GOATs (although at this point, he doesn't have to prove a thing). Does Fessy really think he's on the same playing field as CT? I'm ready for someone to send him home. Even his own partner Nany is already sick of his s--- and they've only been together for one episode. You can't make this up.

the challenge (screen grabs)
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The Challenge: Mission Spy Dive

"Now it's time for an assault in the sky," TJ gleefully tells his victims competitors. This daily challenge is not for the faint of heart! Players have to jump out of an airplane and free fall 15,000 feet while memorizing a puzzle answer key on the ground below. Teams will then run to their puzzle boards and replicate the puzzle they've memorized. Whoever solves it the fastest, wins. I don't know about you, but my attention would be on the fact that I'm free falling towards the ground and not on memorizing colors, so I don't envy any of them.

Watching everyone's reactions to the news that they're about to jump out of a plane is hilarious, but Big T takes the cake here. Leroy says he just watched Big T's soul leave her body, and that's a pretty accurate description. But Leroy and Kyle and Aneesa are also not enthused. Kaycee is the only person in the first round excited about this challenge. Kyle's screaming and spinning through the air so you know he's not memorizing anything, and then it's a half-mile run to the puzzle station. Aneesa ends up slowing down Kyle because they can't start the puzzle until they're both done running, and while Leroy has to wait a bit for Kaycee, they still beat Aneesa and Kyle, winning the first round.

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In the second round (Kam and Cory, Fessy and Nany, CT and Big T), Aneesa and Kyle realize that because they put Big T first in the order, the person with the biggest fear of heights has to sit by the open door in the airplane as they ascend. Poor Big T! Even CT is terrified. But Big T surprises everyone and jumps, and she's shocked to find herself actually enjoying the free fall. Fessy ends up screaming and freaking out more than she did, which is just so perfect. During the run, Fessy is also the only guy who doesn't run with his partner — typical. And Big T lags behind a lot in the run, which is what CT was worried about all along. Cory and Kam are the first team to reach the puzzle, and they finish it quickly.

Even though TJ blows the horn to end that round, CT still wants to prove his point to Big T, showing her how fast he could have solved the puzzle and telling her this kind of performance won't win them the final. It's really hard to watch — she's already feeling down from losing the challenge. And sure, while her argument of "I tried my best" is valid, it's also true that this late in the season (and in the finale!), it will get you nothing. But CT didn't have to lay into her like that in front of everyone.

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The Challenge
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As for the winner, only 14 seconds separated the two top teams, and the fastest team was ultimately Leroy and Kaycee. They've really been a powerhouse all season long. If someone doesn't break them up before the final, that would be so dumb.

Back at the house, CT knows he messed up by yelling at Big T after the challenge. But he'll also do whatever it takes to win the million dollars. He asks her to start seriously training with him. At this point, I'm not sure what that would accomplish, but it beats him yelling at her when they lose!

At Club COVID, everyone dresses up for an '80s night and their outfits are all on point. But that just means when there's a big fight later, it will be that much more hilarious — there's really nothing better than seeing grown adults fight while wearing silly neon costumes. Aneesa does her best to politic to make Nany the house vote to save her own skin. But the real drama comes when Fessy decides to tell CT — to his face! — that the competition wasn't the same when CT got all his wins, and he's "coming for the crown."

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CT educates this kid by pointing out his three wins were all relatively new school seasons, and his most recent two wins were in the last five years. But Fessy keeps laughing smugly, saying the final "is a wrap, bro," to CT. OF ALL PEOPLE. Fessy even tries to play off like their wrestling match on top of the semi-truck earlier this season was him putting CT on his back, saying "they'll play the footage" to prove it, and praise be to The Challenge producers, they actually play the footage that shows Fessy is so full of it. CT yells at Fessy: "You can't flex on me; you're in a tutu!" (Fessy literally was wearing a neon orange tutu all night.)

See, here's why I love CT so much. All his wins and big personality and funny one-liners aside, he's also self-aware enough to know that this is a TV show. He knows this is getting to be a serious confrontation, and it's all on camera, so he rips off his costume and his wig to continue it in his regular Under Armour clothes while Fessy continues saying smarmy, stupid stuff, all while standing behind the female players. "Hide behind the girls in your tutu and your leg warmers," CT shouts, as the security guards form a defensive barrier around him. The security guards don't even pay any attention to Fessy because they know where the real threat is. I cannot stop cackling throughout this whole scene.

Fessy even tries to say he was just trying to give CT "a compliment" but CT took it the wrong way and, "he thought I was coming for his neck." When you tell someone you're "coming for the crown," how else are they supposed to take it?

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The next day, Big T kicks things off by asking to be the house vote, but Aneesa says that would mean she's going in against her because Leroy and Kaycee won't throw in Nany or Kam. And Kyle and CT once again both hurt Aneesa's feelings. This is a messy deliberation. But at least Aneesa stands up for herself.

After the vote, Leroy and Kaycee find out Big T got her wish to be the house vote with CT. And they agree to send in Aneesa and Kyle against them. No surprises there.


Walking into The Crater, the elimination is clearly going to be the one where opponents hang by their ankles and wrists and have to scoot down the bar. And they made it even longer this time! Aneesa is not happy about it! Kaycee and Leroy send in Aneesa and Kyle, and TJ reveals it's indeed a female elimination.

Elimination challenge: Operation Fire Escape. We've seen this twice this season already. And since neither Big T nor Aneesa has much upper body strength, it's anyone's game.

the challenge (screen grabs)
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It takes a bit of time for both women to get momentum, but Big T gets the early lead. Aneesa can't get past the first hump obstacle while Big T clears the first leg of the course. Aneesa finally gets over the first hump, but it's too late — Big T laps her and finishes strong. CT runs over and lifts her in his arms and it's once again an adorable Team Big CT celebration. And then Big T reveals in her post-elimination interview that if she does swap partners, she's picking Fessy! Now that is something I would LOVE TO SEE. And Kyle even tells Big T that if she doesn't switch up her partner, next week is going to be CT and Big T vs. Kyle and his new partner Amber B. in elimination. He tells her to pick Fessy to get that Big Brother protection, and I'm loving what's happening right now. Big T has to pick Fessy! It would be the smartest move for her game, but I'm worried her fuzzy feelings towards CT will win out.

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And as Aneesa walks out of The Crater, she gets choked up thinking about how, even though she's leaving, she's so proud to see all women of color left in the game because that means a woman of color will win this season. "My purpose is fulfilled and it feels incredible and I was a part of it. I'm so grateful for that," she says. Talk about an amazing exit.

As for Big T's choice, she asks CT if he wants to still be her partner, and he tells her he'll ride this team to the end. So she, unfortunately, stays with CT. I'm more than a little disappointed, Tula. But there's still time for things to shake up more because even though 10 skulls have been earned and there are only 10 people left, TJ says "we're far from done." How long is this season?!

Challenger of the week: Nany for this amazing explanation of the difference between Fessy and CT: Fessy is someone who'd hire a hit man to kill you, and CT would kill you with his bare hands.

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